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1Weather Pro: Widget Forecast Radar 4.0.1 Apk


1Weather Guru: Widget Forecast Radar 4.0.1 Apk



1Weather Guru: Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather is a stunning weather app made by OneLouder, the heads behind programs like BaconReader and Tweetcaster. Similar to the other apps in the OneLouder catalog, 1Weather is full of helpful features, all presented in a pretty package that adds a bit of class to any Android home screen. Not only does 1Weather show you that the weather, in addition, it provides real-time upgrades and societal integration that helps you stay on top of their ever-changing atmosphere.There are plenty of weather apps on the marketplace, so what exactly makes 1Weather any different? According to the folks at OneLouder, their weather program brings a “special animation and images to make a more stylish experience.” The app isn’t simply pretty (did I say that already?) , it is also packed with useful features and a gaggle of content that is informative, topped off with an intuitive user friendly interface which just about anyone can manage. As a matter of fact, 1Weather is only available for higher-end devices because of resolution, source, and cartoon requirements.Enough Talking about how nice 1Weather seems — let’s take a look at a few screenshots.

When you first run 1Weather, you have the choice to either choose a location manually or use your current location. The 1Weather Now page displays an overview of what’s happening right now with the weather in your chosen area. This screen can be dominated by an animation of the present weather conditions: the sun appears to twinkle and rotate, clouds slide from the left, rain drops, etc. You are able to add numerous places to 1Weather and change between them by tapping the current place in the top left.Tapping on the Main area of the very first screen where the current weather animation displays gives you a 48-hour weather forecast. This includes a breakdown for each period of the day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. It includes the projected temperature, precipitation, and wind speed alongside an icon describing the weather conditions.

Tap on Today The 24-Hour prediction gives a combined graph of the projected temperatures and precipitation for the next 24 hours. It’s somewhat confusing when you first glance at it, but makes sense with a bit of explanation. A bar graph displays the precipitation for every period and is overlayed by a line graph showing the temperature.

There are seven other primary screens that you could access inside the program. Switching between them is as simple as a swipe or picture of a finger either in the primary content area or using the menu at the base.

7-day Forecast:

This is much the same as the 48-hour forecast, but is divided into the next seven days. The general design of this display is the same. Again, tapping the name here switches into a combined graph displaying the projected temperature and precipitation over the next week.


Severe Weather:

1Weather keeps track of major severe weather Alerts and will notify you of them on your status bar. The severe weather display provides the particulars of any existing alarms. If nothing exciting is happening, 1Weather informs you that this is a great thing (unless you are a mad storm chaser).



This screen gives you advice about precipitation for the next 7 days. Each day is represented by a bucket, which divides based on how likely it is to rain. If you watch this display for a little, it will switch to what seems to be how many inches of precipitation to anticipate.


Sun & Moon:

If you’re looking to find out the sunset, Sunrise, moon set, moonrise, or what phase the moon is in, this is where you’ll find it. An animation on this screen provides a slick visual representation of the condition of the moon and sun.



This is the social component of 1Weather. It Displays tweets related to the weather in your area from anyone across the twittersphere. It’s not a perfect feature, but nevertheless turns up useful information from your location. (On the flip side, you will often find some pretty random tweets.) Even though you can click any links contained in such tweets, this port is otherwise not as interactive as it might be, but that may be for the better.


Top Weather Pics:

This is another interesting screen that also includes a somewhat social aspect. It’s a grid of photographs related to the weather in your place. Tapping any 1 photograph opens up the complete size and allows you swipe through the whole gallery. Again, this is not an exact science so you could see some pics which don’t fit, but it’s still a very interesting and useful feature.


The radar feature of 1Weather is unquestionably among the coolest regions of the app. It permits you to see your standard weather radar map, which updates in real time. You can also switch between the Air Quality Index and UV Indicator. Each radar map can go complete screen with complete pinch and zoom performance so that you can see exactly what’s happening in your immediate area.



The very adored weather app on Google Play. The testimonials speak for themselves, so which makes it the highest-rated free sport app one of Android consumers… along with also the critics agree.Why do they really enjoy it? In a note — Layout. Even the app includes a simple, yet attractive interface which makes receiving the weather tasteful and enjoyable. The revolutionary UI, along with a potent set of weather programsthat makes 1Weather the #1 option.


“Number1 Greatest Weather Program for Android” — Phandroid
“Very Best 25 apps you ought to download right now” — CNN Tech
“The maximum Beautiful, Feature-Packed Android Weather App We Have Ever Seen” — Lifehacker
“The beautiful climate app we have ever seen” — Android Police

FEATURES:-LRB • real life community weather and forecasts globally (Present + 48-hour)
• 10-day long forecast and precipitation data
• 36-hour plus 7-day interactive graphs
• Hourly prediction and precipitation data
• Live weather history, lively photograph wallpapers (cats, pets, cars, sports and much more!) , or make your own customized wallpaper
• Practice my place — your own weather automatically updated if you’re on the go
• LIVE revived radar and intense weather layers such as fire, flooding, freezing, storm, snow, ice, tornados, end, and winter (US only)
. Detailed map layers: clouds, radar, outside temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind velocity, and UV Indicator
• Animated sunrise, sunset, along with midsize stage
• Save a number of places to gain rapidly and quickly
• Magnificent reconfigurable home monitor widgets, such as 3 clock configurations
• Share weather data (like screenshots and awake text) together with family and friends through email, text, and Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
• National Weather Service Area Forecast Discussion provides summary to your region from NWS meteorologists
• Authentic server-based push alarms for NWS supported places having detachable notification options by alert and location degree (watches, warnings, and advisories)
• Configurable Ongoing telling shows current terms and adds warmth to your telling pub for lively “My Location” or a place of your choice.
• DashClock integration letting you choose a place of your choice
• Daydream style service (Android 4.2+)
• Android Wear service (Android 4.3+ / Requires Google Play Services 5.0+, only launching 1Weather and Present Conditions and Forecast will show up on your wearable apparatus)
• Over 25 distinct languages accessible
• Customizable Units:-LRB- Illness: Fahrenheit or Celsius
Wind: mph, kph, m/s, knots and Beaufort scale
Stress: Length of germ, millibars, millimeters of mercury
Distance: Miles, Kilometers
• Entertaining and instructional weather truth and movies

• Upgraded Material Design Interface
• More information available on “Now” display
• One faucet access to channels during
• Wallpaper upgrade improvements
• Abbreviate lengthy places in drawer
• Chat icon additional to weather alarms
• Fixes for Blu R1HD Apparatus
• Other Bug Fixes

Program Information:-LRB-
Program name : 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar
Bundle Title : com.handmark.expressweather
Apk Md5 : 6afb36afc8cfa416f5fcc98eea14156b
Apk Size : 13. 140106)

The Widget:

Last, but Certainly not least, 1Weather has among the coolest home display widgets around. It packs about as much weather info as you could possibly think of into a clean and elegant 2×2 widget. It shows you that the current high and low temperatures, precipitation data, date and time, place, and two rapid indicators demonstrating which type of day it is and whether the weather umbrella and requires. All this in a widget that is circular in shape as opposed to the standard boxy widgets you may be accustomed to. While the 1Weather app as a whole is awesome, I am all in it to the widget.I grudgingly Score 1Weather a 9 out of 10. I’d really like to give this app a 10, but there are just two problems that seem to irritate me. They could be related to my aging Evo, but I have not seen similar behaviour in different programs. The first issue is that the Radar display will sometimes be blank for no apparent reason. The next problem is that the widget will go clean, saying that the location was eliminated. Tapping the widget still heaps the 1Weather app and lets you place your location again; however, the widget stays dark and has to be re-added.

These are pretty minor annoyances and I am sure they are easily addressed. The bottom Point is that 1Weather has no equal in the Play Store up to features and Implementation goes. In addition to the fact that the app is useful and beautiful, additionally, it is free. There’s no reason not to put in this one instantly.

Prerequisites: 4.0+

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