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5 Reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+


5 Reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+

Samsung’s new S series flagships have captured the heart and Attention of several smartphone fans. However, before getting too enthusiastic, it’s some serious flaws. After trying the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ for me personally, here are some reasons why I think you should think twice before buying either device.

Glass Backs are easily broken fingerprint magnets

There’s no Denying that the Galaxy S8 is a beautiful looking device with superior build quality. The curved design of the S8 is striking and modern, and also the option to put glass on both sides certainly adds to the elegant impact. However, there are three problems with this, in my estimation. First of all, glass is brittle, even Gorilla Glass 5.

In the fall Test below, you will see the way the S8+ retains up against the iPhone 7 Plus. Early in the fall test, at just two minutes into the video, the glass onto the rear of this S8+ cracks, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus’ back looks almost completely unscathed. While the phone is still practical, you can say good bye to Samsung’s ideal aesthetic.

If you think you can just repair the phone easily when it cracks and your issues will be solved, you’re dead wrong. They discovered that both glass panels have been held in place by powerful adhesive, which makes it difficult to replace internal parts (like the non-removable battery) as well as the glass (particularly on the front, which could ruin the display).

You will find a Couple of different reasons why a glass-backed S8 may not have been the best choice. This draws attention away from the gorgeous layout, especially on the back of the black version. I really don’t know about you, but I don’t want my phone appearing constantly smudged and dirty.

And there’s 1 final reason I don’t believe the glass rear was a fantastic idea: the phone case. The vast majority of people I know use telephone cases. Samsung has produced a beautiful device, but it’s delicate and expensive – and anyone who cares about their phone will opt to cover it with a case to protect it. So, why create a glass back that people will barely ever see and love the attractiveness? The trade off of which makes it more brittle just is not worth it to me, even in the event that you get wireless charging capacity, particularly given that these phones are difficult to fix. To make things worse, Samsung even made these horrendously, shamefully ugly official S8 instances.

Samsung’s attempt at AI falls short

Samsung Appears to like duplicating Google’s attempts when it comes to apps, and the results are not superior,  Creating things such as Samsung Internet and S Voice, the manufacturer has been offering pointless and much less useful alternatives to inventory Android apps for a very long time. And now, in addition to all of the other Samsung bloatware, the business is hoping to force Bixby onto its users.

Bixby that the It does little to differentiate itself feature-wise, and much worse, voice activation won’t be available in the US until sometime “after this Spring”. This means that you may get the Bixby equal of the timeless Google Now cards, but you won’t be able to use voice commands, a central feature, until some time after the device is made available on April 21.

Luckily, you can muster Google Assistant by holding down the virtual house button, but it is not as convenient to launch since Bixby – and this was obviously intentional. For to Bixby, you can use the dedicated hardware button only under the volume rocker – that Samsung has gone out of the way to prevent users from remapping to activate Google Assistant or any other purposes. Heaven forbid that users want to utilize the hardware button to access the only fully functional AI assistant installed on their phone instead of Samsung’s own as pristine one.

Virtually all Smartphones on the market include at least some bloatware, but Bixby was particularly poorly implemented for a high-end apparatus. Clients are left with a dedicated button intended to support them to utilize an AI assistant that doesn’t even work entirely yet. Since Bixby has been promoted as such a central selling point of this S8, it’s sure to be a let down in its existing condition.

You can find better value elsewhere

Why buy the New Samsung flagship when you might find a better value? With the newest Xiaomi Mi 6, you receive the same attractiveness (and fragility) since the S8+, but with better specs for half the price.

The just Announced Xiaomi Mi 6 gets exactly the same Snapdragon 835 chip as the S8 and S8+, as it comes in a version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage – just like the South Korean-exclusive variant of the S8+ with 6 GB of RAM. However, the Mi 6 offers even more: 12 MP double cameras, a much larger 3,350 mAh battery and a significantly lower price tag – around half of the price. It’s just $420 compared to $1,017 (converted into US Dollars). The only drawback in my mind is that it offers less screen real estate: 5.15 inches, compared to the 6 GB S8+ screen’s 6.2 inches. Whatever the circumstance, the Mi 6 really is a great looking device, with curved glass on the front and back enjoy the S8, blending the style of its Mi 5 predecessor with that of the Galaxy S7.

Same old camera

The Galaxy The trend of late was double cameras. LG’s most up-to-date flagship has a dual 13 MP rear camera, the iPhone 7 Plus includes one, the above Xiaomi Mi 6 has one, and plenty of others do as well. The S8 features the same 12 MP sensors and dual pixel technology that the Galaxy S7 has.

To Samsung’s Charge, there have been some little improvements to the software and front camera. The front camera was upgraded from 5 to 8 MP, and the camera program currently uses multi-frame processing – mechanically taking multiple shots and combining them into a single, hopefully enhanced, result.

Awkward fingerprint scanner placement

One of those most common knocks against the Galaxy S8 is the positioning of the fingerprint scanner. If you’re utilized to swiping your finger on the house button, then you’re in for a change – for the worse. Since the physical house button of the S7 has vanished, the fingerprint scanner has migrated into the rear of the unit.

Rather than Placing the button more toward the middle on the back (such as on the LG G6), where it may be easily reached, Samsung has put it only beside the camera. If you are using your phone with your right hand just like most individuals do, then you are going to have to reach your index finger across the camera to use it – meaning you will be sporadically your camera lens constantly while feeling around for the fingerprint scanner. On the larger S8+, you almost cannot get to the scanner without using both hands on.

The Ideal Placement alternative, which Samsung might not have been able to scramble together before the initiation of the S8, would be to set the scanner under the glass on the front. There were rumors of sourcing from Synaptics for this, but hopefully, it could still occur about the Note 8.

In summary: The beautiful glass back could crack, the positioning of the fingerprint scanner is guaranteed to get on your nerves, so the more Bixby encounter falls short and Samsung has regrettably decided to hang onto the camera of their former generation. If you are considering obtaining the Galaxy S8 or S8+, then make certain that you are aware of its weaknesses and adjust your expectations so before you spend your hard earned money, or think about a much better value phone like the Xiaomi Mi 6.

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