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7 Best Smartphone Apps that you must have for Vlogging


7 Best Smartphone Apps that you must have for Vlogging

If you are like most people, you maintain your smartphone by your own side. From assessing mails to tweets, and creating social updates, it is hard not to be tethered to a device. Mobile devices are great for taking videos and photos, but have you ever thought about creating a vlog with your smartphone or perhaps your tablet? “A vlog?” you ask.

However, of course! Your mobile device likely captures high excellent HD video, and why are you currently using it to only capture family moments? More and more folks are interested in using their smartphones to create quality content which can be shared socially, and it’s a cheaper and accessible video production solution and can be always with you.


What is Vlog?

A vlog simply is a site with movie, and you may easily turn your blog into a vlog by embedding a movie in a post.

All you need is an account on a video streaming website like YouTube and you’re all set. Video is one of the most persuasive and engaging types of media. It makes it possible for you to establish authority, construct your sway, and increase the engagement level on your site.


Types of Vlog

Talking Head: A talking head vlog is just that, you sit facing the camera and speak about a specific subject or shares any information (see video below).


How-To: A how-to vlog teaches the audience how to do something by demonstrating the actions or action.


Adventure/Reality: You go on an adventure or activity out of the studio and shoot the camera along to record what you see and listen.


Required Equipment

To make a top excellent vlog, you need to use the identical equipment that is used with professional video productions. You will need: a camera along with your mobile device, a tripod, lights, a mike, and a cable or two. Let’s assume that you have a mobile device that captures video, so the camera is coated.



A tripod is a three-legged stabilization mount that ensures the shooter is still and steady.

To make really smooth motions, a fluid tripod is needed. But wait! You probably noticed that there is no way to link a tripod into a smartphone.



If you Are Just beginning with movie, light can be more challenging especially if you’re inside, but you should consistently use some sort of light source because it is going to enhance the quality of the picture. Use lamps or lights which you presently have.



Audio is quite important which is why you should connect a mic to your mobile device.


If you are shooting a speaking head vlog, a lavaliere or clip lapel mic will work just fine. But, be certain to use a TRRS (4-pin) cable to connect the microphone to a device’s headphone/mic jack.


Apps for Vlogging

Most experts Concur that devices purpose-built for video (video cameras, DSLRs, prosumer cameras) can capture better audio than smartphones. However, they are sometimes not easy to transport and less adaptable in regards to instant connectivity. That is where smartphones play an important part — the connected character of a telephone means you could do far more than simply capture movie.

Here are some best apps that are fairly cool for vlogging!


1- Cinema FV-5

This app Provides complete control over settings while shooting a movie. You can correct exposure, ISO, white balance as well as the metering mode for a movie. There are numerous alternatives for selecting video attention style (autofocus, macro, face detection, touch attention). Additionally, there is option to switch between audio sources for the movie (built-in mid, external mic and Bluetooth mic). The Lite version of the program restricts video resolution and documenting time — this could be removed by purchasing the Pro version.


2- FXGuru

If you want to make creative videos and feel the default camera program is restricting you, then that free program is the answer. The app allows you to add picture effects to your movie — you will find over 90 special effects ranging from horror, sci-fi to tragedy effects. The only catch is that you will have to separately download the particular effect of your choice inside the app. The app lets you align your camera with the layout of the ramifications (marked through red lines from the trailer) for best results — you may even pick the effects precision, video filters and sound effects for each movie. After the movie is processed, you are able to share it with friends and family from inside the program or store it into cloud storage — a backup is automatically saved in your phone.


3- ProMovie Recorder

If you are among those that want maximum control over the video being recorded, this app is meant for you. ProMovie Recorder gives you choices to change Resolution (it supports up to 4k), frame rates, aspect ratios as well as video bitrate quality. You receive onscreen controls for exposure, ISO, white balance and it also includes sophisticated controls for audio recording Such as input devices, audio advantage and audio format.


4- Clips

Apple understood the consumer’s requirement for complex effects and features for videos and hence started their own separate app called Clips. This is for Men and Women that locate the bigger video editing apps like iMovie overly complicated.

It’s much more intuitive and handles the complicated stuff for you. There Are various filters, effects, animated speech bubbles, emojis and stickers you May apply to your video.



Assessing a video may seem like a cumbersome job but thanks to its various Apps available across platforms, it is now quite simple. Editing post Recording gives you more control over duration and positioning of filters, transitions and other effects. Additionally, you have the liberty to edit previously recorded Videos, unite videos or unite a group of pictures and convert them into a video.


6- Magisto Video Editor

Available free for both iOS and Android, Magisto is among the easiest movie Editors available. It’s a tile based interface which guides you through movie editing with easy step-by-step directions. You can import photos/videos out of your phone storage from Google Drive — choose a filter motif, pick a Soundtrack and depart the program to create the video. You can even crop the video Duration and include a name to your video.


7- Quik

This free program by GoPro is among the greatest rated video editing programs for iOS and Android. It grants you the choice to import videos and photos from the own gallery, Google Photos, Facebook as well as from GoPro cloud storage (if you are signed up). You may pick a mix of movies and photographs to make a video that is combined. The program shows you a record of filter effects to select from and also sets a background sound track of your pick from the library.


Bonus Tips

So, now that you’re geared up, you are just about ready to shoot your video. Here are 5 Bonus tips that will assist you create a high quality vlog.


#1 Shoot In airplane mode.

Should you do not, a phone call, or notification will disrupt your recording.


#2 Orient your phone horizontally.

Most people hold their telephone vertically when shooting video. If you don’t want black bars on the aspect of the video, then hold it.


#3 Record Test footage especially if you’re self shooting.

Shoot 5 -10 Moments of video and inspect the shot to be certain it looks as you need. Once you’re delighted with the shooter, you are ready to record.


#4 Framework your shots using the rule of thirds.

The rule put the subject along the guide lines and your shot should appear more professional.


#5 Edit On your smarthphone.

IOS apparatus particularly have great video programs, and in case you have a brand new iPhone 5s or 5C, it comes with a great program named iMovie.

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