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Must Have Android Apps for Network Administrators


Must Have Android Apps for Network Administrators

These Mobile programs can enhance productivity and conserve valuable time for IT experts monitoring and managing networks.

Network Investigation tools are a must-have for media professionals, providing critical insight into performance and helping to fix bottlenecks and slowness. The proper data and statistics regarding traffic flows, device configurations, and consumer behaviour could identify issues immediately, or even until they really occur.

Possessing that The usage of mobile programs has exploded, and applications has matured from entertainment and games to tools powerful enough to use at work. IT experts can boost their productivity and conserve valuable time together with access to community information using an easy tap on a smartphone, if they’re in the workplace, relaxing in your home, or commuting to the train.

Here we Highlight a number of the greatest user-rated network utilities — a few designed for iOS, a few for Android, and a few accessible for both. We picked independent tools which aren’t merely an expansion of a bigger network management system, so no additional software is essential.



CIDR Calculator

Everyone can Use just a bit of assistance using subnetting and IP addressing, and you can now keep it right on your back pocket. CIDR Calculator is an easy IP subnet calculator for system engineers to rapidly ascertain the address assortment of a subnet or supernet (also called Classless Inter-Domain Routing). It is among the few tools we discovered that support IPv6, that can be vital. Reviewers from the Google Play store also enjoy the program’s easy-to-use and appealing interface.



This complimentary Program for both the Android and iOS carries a set of programs that allows network engineers and administrators to scan wireless networks efficiently. The application also lets you observe the results of this scan along with any other tests that you perform.


Fing Network Tools

Fing is Another popular tool which supplies a fast way to look at the apparatus connected to a wireless network. Network data can be stored and be supported up into a SD card. Fing is totally free, but in addition, it integrates with different levels of compensated Fingbox accounts which provide cloud back and sync up, the capacity to merge and analyze distant, distant networks observation, and alarms of changes.


IP Tools

IP Tools Administrators may also have visibility into apparatus detail pages simply by tapping the display. The first IP Tools program is free of charge, or you may move until the Premium version at $2.99 to prevent advertisements and access the associated development application.



LanDroid is Another tool that offers all-in one-network analysis attributes in one program. However, as its name suggests, it’s especially for Android apparatus. The program includes many features like local internet, ping, traceroute, port scanning, IP search, SSL cache, and also so is IPv6 compatible. The program is absolutely free and doesn’t display advertisements. Reviewers from the Google Play shop additionally report that LanDroid is quickly and has a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Net Scan

This hot Program for your Android platform offers fundamental network mapping and interface scanning to assist IT experts familiarize themselves using a community and identify flaws and loopholes. After a system is found, administrators may perform a port scan in either “quick port scanning” or normal format, which permits the user to define which device ports must be scanned. Web Scan is absolutely free and hosts no advertisements.



This Multi-functional program for Apple apparatus offers 32 distinct tools which may be used by IT professionals of all levels to examine public and local networks to recognize safety problems or erroneous configurations. The tools are incorporated closely with each other to enable users to jump between jobs and dig deeper to outcomes. The program involves the SHODAN device lookup engine, in addition to a proprietary device scan engine named Morpheus. A exceptional characteristic of this program is its learning tools, including a glossary of technology terms, help files for every tool, and movie tutorials.



Scany is Administrators, security experts, programmers and anybody who must diagnose And solve network problems. The Main function of the program is really of scanning a Wi-Fi, LAN or other system and providing comprehensive Information Regarding devices Vendor details. The program also supplies many options for reporting – info



 Ping!Up is Very simple, but it’s one of the first resources I catch when I understand a connection is down is ping. The issue is that you don’t always possess a ping-ready tool with you; nonetheless, if you experience an Android phone, you can have this simple to use ping tool.



 If you have any need for secure shell connections, look no farther than ConnectBot. This tool will have you easily connecting to your ssh servers, as well as importing encryption keys and even creating encryption keys. ConnectBot also lets you copy and paste text into and out of this application. For anyone who administers a server or a desktop that can offer up a secure shell daemon, this is the way to go.


Network Discovery

This exceptionally handy tool Permits You to Learn What machine is Attached to what IP address. After you install Network Discovery, you’ll need to be on a Wi-Fi system, and after that you will need to download a database of NICs. When that is completed you can click Discover and a list of all machines on this network will look. A device will appear as an IP address and maker.


Port Scandroid

This tool can scan a single server and tell you very quickly what ports That machine has open. This Is a Superb tool when you Want to do a fast Security audit on the move from your Android phone. Although Port Scandroid is Very basic and it just does something (which it does rather nicely), this can be the 1 port scanner you should use. The interface is clean and simple to figure out.

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