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Amazing Sound and Audio Equalizer Booster apps for Android


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Amazing sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android at Androidjv

Sound Track has always been an extraordinary source of enjoyment. Something your calling in existence is, music plays many roles many components of your public and personal lifestyles.


In case you need to take complete manipulate of ways your tune sounds, then you definitely arrived at the right web page.

On this put up, we function a number of the fine sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android.  Those apps let you enhance your listening experience by means of letting you change the sound level settings of your telephone or pill’s sound output.

Equalizer – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Equalizer app and widget to control sound effects on your Android device.

Equalizer booster offers distinct alternatives to customise the music or audio out of your cell phone. It has its five-band level equalizer booster that permits you to adjust the audio simply the way you want it. It doesn’t be counted what kind of music you want to customize. You can choose rock or hip hop, and the same characteristic can be effectively used.

The app additionally has 11 stock presents. A number of those are the classical, dance, flat, people, heavy metallic, jazz, pop, and many greater. Those presents also are given extra options other than the 5-band degree equalizer booster. All you need to do is long press at the present of your choice to check additional customization options.

Equalizer booster is prepared with the bass booster, virtualize, and reverb presents features, which can help you see and modify the depth of the sound. In case you need to get the nice outcomes, then the use of a headset might be a terrific assist.

To add greater shade and lifestyles for your song experience, the app gives customers with lovely home screen widgets. You could both pick out to apply the to be had widget skins in your device or download additional skin sorts. Moreover, equalizer booster also supports various Sound Track gamers like winamp, wimp, playerpro, and plenty of extra.

Voodoo sound – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Voodoo SoundVoodoo Sound
This app controls Voodoo sound for custom kernels..

Armed with the smart amplifier and headphone amplifier, voodoo sound gives users the luxury to set the quantity of a sure sound to anything degree they prefer.

This app simplest works if your device makes use of a custom android kernel that implements voodoo patches.  The app is supposed for earlier gadgets inclusive of the galaxy s, nexus s, galaxy tab, and ASUS transformer.  The paid version, called voodoo sound plus, does no longer require a custom kernel but requires root.

Voodoo sound has a bass boost alternative which allows you to make bigger low frequencies of a sound. You could both pick to extend a valid at a sub-bass, popular, medium, or small speaker stage.

Because the app is ready with bass alternatives, voodoo sound can output loud volumes and nice sound of your preferred audio. Sound development alternatives like the microphone benefit present makes it a perfect suit for folks that experience loud and clear audio streaming.

Music Volume EQ – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Music Volume EQMusic Volume EQ
Join 60 million people who have improved the sound. Best Equalizer on Android.

With over four million installations, the music volume eq app proves to be a remarkable partner any time you feel like taking note of your favoured music. The app is prepared with a media volume control and a 5-band equalizer booster for less difficult sound changes. Bass raise and virtualize effects also are to be had, permitting you to extend and spatialize audio channels.

The app offers you a live analysing of your contemporary song volume. This means you could completely reveal how loud your tune is, and manipulate the exact volume you’re comfortable with.

Music extent eq app has a stereo led vu meter which looks as if a bar graph and displays audio readings from your telephone. Extra capabilities of this app consist of home screen widgets, saving custom presents, nine equalizer boosters present, and lock media extent characteristic. The app additionally works with numerous Sound Track players like winamp and google music, poweramp, and plenty of extra.

Volume equalizer – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Music Volume EqualizerMusic Volume Equalizer
a powerful music Equalizer.

With the extent equalizer booster app, you don’t need to worry about spending a couple of minutes adjusting the audio of your tool. With the aid of going into the settings display, options like song, incoming name signals, notifications, speakme, alarms, and system extent can all be accessed with simply one faucet. You don’t want to visit several pages to alter the entire audio settings of your cell phone. This app provides a less difficult manner to try this in a single go.

Say, for instance, you’re waiting for a crucial name, however have to put your telephone on silent mode even as in an assembly. Generally, you’ll need to set up numerous pages into silent mode to ensure that none of your formerly programmed sounds, just like the alarm, could ring. In any other case, you may cause useless interruptions.

In situations while you couldn’t flip off your phone, extent equalizer booster will can help you control your phone quantity to everyday, silent, or vibration mode, within the easiest and quickest manner viable. All you want to do is to installation the app’s widget on your telephone’s home screen in advance, and you can already change your cell phone’s audio placing every time you need. You also have the choice to show both one or three audio system to your widget icon.

Winamp – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Amp PlayerAmp Player
Enjoy this music player.

Win amp is one of the international’s favoured media gamers, and it’s far to be had for android.  In relation to the subject of this app listing, one of win amp’s very powerful features is its 10-band equalizer booster through which you could set and regulate the sound stages of your telephone’s audio output.

Other than that, it helps access to on-line radio stations with shout cast allowing users to pick out and down load the Sound Track in their preference. This app also doesn’t have any commercials, so that could be a very big plus point.

Winamp helps free music downloads with spinners’ mp3 of the day. You may select which amongst these songs you’d want to alter.

Core functions of winamp encompass unfastened wi-fi syncing, access to over 50 shoutcast radio stations, chronic participant controls, lock-display participant, and many more.

You may additionally browse in your favoured songs, artists, albums, and playlist shortcuts. If comfort is what you’re seeking out, then winamp will clearly be one of the nice selections.

Musicfx – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Unlock the audio effects in Android with the LifeVibes MusicFX control panel !

In case you need bass boost, equalizer booster, and 3-D enjoy on headphones, test out the musicfx app.

Audio improvements are automatically activated after your installation this app, and you could right now perform app customization.

Musicfx is surely an extension of the inventory android song participant, which helps a rich set of presents for its equalizer booster. Examples of these presents encompass classical, rock, pop, and plenty of others. The presents increase the first-class of the telephone’s default participant’s audio, which makes it everybody’s music friend. The app additionally has a five-band equalizer booster.

The app calls for get admission to to the Bluetooth configuration in order to perform the upgrades your preference. You will additionally need to have access to the internet to get the modern-day updates from the developer.

Jetaudio basic – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

jetAudio Music Player+EQjetAudio Music Player+EQ
jetAudio is a free mp3 music player with reverb, bass boost, graphic equalizer.

Jetaudio fundamental is a song player which supports as much as 32 equalizer boosters presents. It’s ready with extensive, reverb, x-bass sound outcomes, and an automatic benefit manipulate that forestalls fluctuations between Sound Track s.

As a tune participant, the app can play nearly any sort of digital song document codecs like mp3, wav, mod, flac, wv, and plenty of greater. This indicates a much broader choice of audio documents which you can explore and modify the usage of the app’s integrated equalizer booster.

Complementing the app’s 32 equalizer booster presents is its 20-band graphic equalizer booster which may be used to customise your complete music experience. This, in flip, gives you the sensation of being on top of things of the whole lot you do in your audio files.

The amusing doesn’t end there. With the app’s advanced playback features, like playback pace manage, crossfading, and automated advantage control, you’ll clearly relish the huge alternatives you’ll have in enhancing the audio best of your devices.

A few additional functions encompass 2 new lock displays and 6 new app widgets for a more enjoyable manner of customizing your tune page.

Aneq equalizer booster free – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

AnEq EqualizerAnEq Equalizer
An equalizer it is!

Some other way to make clean sound and audio adjustment is through using aneq equalizer booster unfastened. Like a number of the other equalizer booster apps, aneq equalizer booster loose is equipped with a 5-band equalizer booster that is displayed in full display screen to provide higher view of your contemporary Sound Track ’s audio levels.

You don’t want to do something aside from to install the app on the way to begin exploring its capabilities. Once set up, the equalizer booster will routinely run within the historical past and method your worldwide audio output. The eq presents can also be considered on a one-of-a-kind page. Pre-sets encompass the low bypass, high pass, Sony, mids, high, low, top, and edelstahl. Those presets will let you shop and later don’t forget any settings you’ve set on a sure feature or audio record.

Aneq equalizer booster virtually is an aggregate of simplicity and extremely good sound excellent all packed in a single unfastened app.

PlayerPro Music Player Trial – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

PlayerPro Music Player TrialPlayerPro Music Player Trial
The ultimate music player for Android.

A PlayerPro Music Player Trial prepared with a five-band graphic equalizer booster with default or customizable pre-sets, playerpro tune participant trial will make you experience the whole thing approximately your audio files.

Do you need to attempt crossfading one music record with another? With this app, you may without problems manipulate your device to crossfade either manually or automatically. The app additionally has the bass raise manage, quantity control, and an optionally available virtualize manipulate, which lets in screen widening.

The app offers customers an amusing way of exploring the opportunities that they could do with their audio files thru providing greater picks. As an instance, if you’re searching out the modern-day tune hits in Asia, you can usually take a look at the app’s smart playlist editor. This will guide you to numerous criteria which might help you in your choice. Artists? Albums? Titles? The entirety can effortlessly be sorted. From these criteria comes a wider choice of tune you’d like to use audio changes to.

PlayerPro DSP Pack – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

PlayerPro Red Fusion SkinPlayerPro Red Fusion Skin
Red Fusion skin for PlayerPro music player.

Playerpro dsp percent is armed with capabilities you’ll possibly by no means get tired of the use of. It has a 10-band image equalizer booster with 15 default presets. You can customise these presets by way of enhancing, renaming, or deleting them. You can even create a brand new preset if you like.

The %, but, is not a standalone app. It’s miles a loose plugin app for playerpro music participant.

Playerpro dsp percent affords excellent performance in audio enhancements. Its miles prepared with a bass boost manipulate, visualizer control, and volume manipulate that works flawlessly with different tuning parameters. It’s miles even claimed to provide higher deciphering overall performance than android’s local interpreting of music files.

The app helps numerous report formats like mp3, mp4, wma, flac, and many greater. In view that it’s miles depending on the android media scanner and media shop for playback, it’ll most effective play documents that are local for your smartphone.

Playerpro dsp p.C. Additionally helps gapless playback and crossfade. Crossfading may be executed both routinely or manually, depending for your preference.

Android phones and tablets have come to be adequate, even higher, replacements for standalone media gamers.  By the use of sound and audio equalizer booster apps, you benefit less attackable manipulate of ways your android’s audio seems like.  Check out some of the first-class sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android that we’ve featured in this submit.  Which of those are you currently using?  Or are you the use of any other one now not on our list? In that case, share to us your experience of the usage of that.

Equalizer & Bass Booster – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Equalizer & Bass BoosterEqualizer & Bass Booster
Lassen Sie Ihr Android-Gerät mit den Sound-Effekte Sie wollen

Once installed, you will see a program called Bass EQ on the phone, but the Program does so far more than control your bass amounts. This sleek-looking app lets you adjust the quantity to 15 unique levels; you get to boost the bass along 12 settings and change the audio virtualization using 12 settings. There are five stations you can equalize, from 60 Hz up to 14 KHz. The fundamental controls seem like dials on a tangible control pad to get an equalizer.

You even get spiffy images that move along to this audio. The complimentary Version has ads, so in case you don’t mind those this is a good choice. The pro version has the extra feature of letting you store presets for later.


Floating Equalizer – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Equalizer FXEqualizer FX
Der Equalizer ermöglicht es Ihnen, FX-Sound für Ihr Android-Gerät zu verbessern.

Floating Equalizer has the fundamental and advanced manner. Standard mode allows you to modify the five channels, and it has a floating icon that stays on your screen after you minimize it. You can put this icon anywhere you need in your screen once it’s there.The controls are a tad inconsistent, so you might have to get used to them. However, this is a good program due to the floating icon thingy.


Audio DSP and EQ Plugin – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

PlayerPro DSP packPlayerPro DSP pack
Das ultimative Musik-Player für Android.

Audio DSP provides you control over 10 bands over a Variety of slider buttons.


PowerAmp – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Poweramp ist ein leistungsfähiger Musikplayer für Android

PowerAmp is a bit more serious for authentic music aficionados. These app Delivers 10-band sliders, built-in tone controls plus a lot of presets. PowerAmp includes a timer that automatically shuts off the music if you are attempting to sleep. It can also go from 1 song right into another without the silence between tracks. It is these small things that set PowerAmp apart from other Android equalizer programs.


Sound Booster – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Volume Booster GOODEVVolume Booster GOODEV
Dieses einfache, kleine, kostenlose App, um Ihre Lautsprecher oder Kopfhörer Lautstärke zu erhöhen.

Audio Booster is the simplest way to amplify up the quantity of your Apparatus and it also works as bass booster. It’s for all those of you who love to shoot your smartphone with the quantity of your voice in the streets; please try not to disturb anybody, or partying with friends. When you activate the application, the telephone ring louder, play music or movie at maximum volume. When you no longer need, just if you restore the quantity to the previous state.

Divi Volume Booster – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Volume BoosterVolume Booster
Volume Booster macht Ihr Handy lauter und erhöht die Lautstärke insgesamt um 30%

If you will need a strong and professional sound booster program, then this is it. It works fine for headphones and speakers. With this application, you will get boosted volume for everything.


Easy Volume Booster – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Volumen BoosterVolumen Booster
Diese neue Sound-Booster wird Ihre Lautsprecher Volumen bis zu 25% zu erhöhen.

If you wish to slightly boost the volume of your device, then that Program is a good selection. It boosts all kinds of noises on your apparatus. At the home screen of this application, you can see three buttons that may boost the audio volume, phone volume and Alarms volume. The program claims to boost the sound from 10-25 percent and has an user friendly interface. If we discuss the compatibility, then it needs Android version 2.3 or higher.


Neutralizer – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Neutralisator. Equalizer neu definiert.

Neturalizer is one of the most unique equalizer programs that we’ve seen. Rather than providing you an EQ to correct yourself, it has one which corrects itself according to what you like. You flip them up or down based on how well you hear them. When you’re done, the app auto-generates a exceptional equalizer preset just for you based on the speakers or speakers you are wearing. The free version allows you to produce one preset while the pro version allows you to produce as many as you require. If you attempt this, we advocate re-doing the sound test with each new set of headphones or speakers you plug in as they will create different outcomes.


Equalizer by Pingpong – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

Equalizer and Bass BoosterEqualizer and Bass Booster
Equalizer und Bass-Booster ist ein Musik-Player mit Voraus Sound-Steuerung.

This one comes with the fundamentals, including a five band EQ, a bass boost, a volume booster (Android 4.4 and up only), ten EQ presets, and also the ability to save your own. Additionally, it boasts a 3D surround audio effect and visualizer effects to help further enhance the sound of your music. A few of the features do require the paid version. It isn’t ideal, but it works and that is what is most important.


Viper4Android – sound and audio equalizer booster apps for android

ViPER4Android Fx 2017 - Sound EqualizerViPER4Android Fx 2017 – Sound Equalizer
Viper für Android (V4A) ist ein viper Audio-Effekte, Controller für ViPER4Arise Fx.

Viper4Android is, by far, the top of the equalizer apps. Unfortunately, it is just for root users. It’s been under development for ages. It’s installed to the system partition so it has much more control than some of the normal equalizer programs on Google Play. Additionally, it includes a ten band EQ, tons of presets and settings, effects, and more. It is a pain in the rear end to put in sometimes. However, it is totally worth it once you do. It should be compatible with many rooted devices and lots of customized ROMs add it by default. It’s exceptionally good and we expect that one day, Google provides us something like this in Android proper.


Final Thoughts

You can find a simple app for fundamental volume controls, or you can download a tricked-out version that gives you precise settings for every sort of listening experience. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Splurge on paid versions to get rid of those pesky advertisements.

PowerAmp is one of the best equalizer apps for Android on the market, simply because it provides some nifty tools which other programs lack. Audio DSP also contains features that music fans want. You always have the option to download free versions of every equalizer program, play around with it and then send it back if you don’t like. So really, your choices are pretty much infinite based on your tastes.

Hopefully, some of the programs listed above will enhance the audio on your Smartphone or tablet computers and improve the listening experience. Nonetheless, if you aren’t happy with the sound, you can attempt flashing some custom kernel or mod to boost sound which requires advanced knowledge.

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