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Fabulous Android Apps for Car


Fabulous Android Apps for Car

In the last couple of year Auto and cars, technology improved dramatically. Same with others technologies which are interlinked with car and auto industry like GPS, Sound and Also mobile apps. Now there are ample of android apps available which can help you while driving. It can be from navigation to Music play, from Pizza delivery to find car repair services or etc.

So don’t drive like drums its 21st century so enjoy the gadgets. here are some Fabulous Android Apps for Car



Tomtom  – Android App for Car

TomTom GPS Navigation TrafficTomTom GPS Navigation Traffic
GET THERE FASTER with TomTom GO MobileDrive up to 50 FREE miles every month

As soon as, a cumbersome sat nav (or GPS) unit turned into your only option if you wanted a device to guide you to your destination. Now, the likes of tomtom and Garmin provide apps, saving you from sporting yet another object around with you.

Giving it the brink over unfastened answers together with google maps, tomtom gives speed camera warnings, providing you with a heads up whilst it comes to upcoming pace traps. Its interface is also relatively litter-free, making it an awful lot less difficult to glance at while riding.



Waze  – Android App for Car

Waze - GPS, Maps & TrafficWaze – GPS, Maps & Traffic
Outsmart traffic every day & know what’s ahead: accidents, police, hazards, jams

For a barely much less intuitive, but totally loose, sat nav answer, waze can not be beaten. Offering community-pushed functions, it encourages crowd sourcing as a way to preserve you informed of accidents, police traps, and visitors jams on your local region.

On the pinnacle of that, it provides turn by way of-flip voice navigation, automatic rerouting, and the capacity to send your eta to your buddies, in order that they know you are in the manner. The choice to feature and examine information on neighborhood points of interest and businesses is convenient for the ones new to a place also.



Carcorder  – Android App for Car

Smart Dash CamSmart Dash Cam
Turn your phone into a full featured Car video recorder

Dashcams are an increasing number of famous add-ons for cars. Being able to document your trips way you’ve got concrete proof in case of a twist of fate, however, it additionally manner you could seize a few wonderful pictures as so many Russian dashcams has over the years.

Carcorder and a dashboard mount turn your phone into a successful dashcam, allowing you to switch between more than one resolutions, track your vicinity, and recognize whilst you’re driving too rapid. It is no longer as comprehensive as a dedicated unit


IonRoad –  – Android App for Car

Smart Dash CamSmart Dash Cam
Turn your phone into a full featured Car video recorder

More and more automobiles offer ahead collision warning systems, detecting whilst a car in the front has slammed the brakes on before you’ve got had the threat to look it yourself.

on road isn’t a great alternative for this, partly due to the fact you need to (ironically) keep an eye on your smartphone’s display, however, it can be beneficial. Using your Android Phones camera and GPS, it detects how long it might take so one can collide with the car in the front of you. A color coding chart offers you an illustration in case you’re getting too close, ensuring you do not tailgate via accident. Speed sign detection is likewise blanketed.



Icarmode –  – Android App for Car

“iCar” Vehicle Tracker

Allowing you to use your dashboard hooked up phone accurately, car mode gives up a big buttoned show, making it easy which will spark off a song participant, call your buddies, and check for locations close by.

Custom app shortcuts aid apps consisting of Spotify, audible, and tune in radio, saving you from having to examine overly small buttons on every occasion you need to make an adjustment on your trip. A night time mode means it will in shape into the aesthetics of your vehicle too.


Dashdroid –  – Android App for Car

Car dashdroid-Car infotainmentCar dashdroid-Car infotainment
driving it’s now easier

The great android dashboard alternative, dashdroid maintains it easy with 8 custom buttons and a significant show. The show offers the modern time, climate in addition to your modern pace, whilst voice commands ensure you don’t should take your arms off the steering wheel to make a name or text.

It may look more fashionable, however, its cognizance on a smooth interface way it may not distract you at the same time as using. You can customize buttons for your frequently used apps too. And, ultimately, it is unfastened


Automate –  – Android App for Car

AutoMate - Car DashboardAutoMate – Car Dashboard
The perfect companion for the road.

No longer all and sundry can spring for a new car or radio with android vehicle connectivity, however, automate brings the smooth automobile-friendly person interface to any android Android Phone or tablet . Automate integrates with google maps, messaging, smartphone calls, song apps, and voice controls.


The app is unfastened for basic capabilities, To release top rate features that let you set automate because of the default smartphone launcher. Top rate additionally adds fingers-free gesture controls, like you may get in a BMW 750i in case your phone has a light sensor, site visitors camera indicators and custom wallpaper.


And in case you want to shoehorn a tablet or Android Phones into your automobile, automate helps you to automate features like power on, power off, shut off communications, near apps, and so on… While it detects energy thru USB, wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity, so an android tablet can update your in-dash radio.


Beat the Traffic –  – Android App for Car

Beat The TrafficBeat The Traffic
Had enough of the fast and furious car racing games?

Your daily trip is a drive that you can almost do for your sleep. You don’t want guidance on how to get there, but you do need to recognize when a site visitors jam or incident is in your manner.


Beat the visitors presents real-time traffic updates, crowdsourced with the aid of different users, before imparting you with a new fastest direction to circumvent the issue. Thinking about 100% free.


Spot an incident that hasn’t been suggested but? Virtually shake your device to give others the heads up. You may always recognize simply how not on time you are going to be.


Gasbuddy –  – Android App for Car

GasBuddy: Find Cheap GasGasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas
Save money, save time. Find cheap gas with a community of 60 million users.

Buying cheap gas could make an international of distinction to your automobile’s jogging costs. Whilst the one’s couple of pennies or pennies don’t seem that large on their very own, they soon upload up. Gasbuddy units out to find the most inexpensive gas close to you, irrespective of wherein you’re.


You could seek through your modern-day region or thru a metropolis or zip code, meaning you already know exactly what is beforehand of you. For us users, filing fuel fees your self-gives you a hazard of prevailing $100 (£65, au$140) of fuel every day, too, along with different awards for regular submissions. Higher but, it’s all free.



Spotify –   – Android App for Car


Spotify MusicSpotify Music
Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs on your Android device.

There is no want to be restricted to using the conventional radio to listen to track any greater. Streaming services like Spotify have taken off through your laptop or Android phone , and they may be simply as without difficulty enjoyed thru your car.


A few cars offer Spotify immediately in your dashboard however for absolutely everyone else, you can use Bluetooth or an auxiliary jack to hook things up. The unfastened app helps you to concentrate on any artist or album, presenting you have an internet connection, at the same time as subscribing gives offline listening and advert-unfastened tune.

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