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Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive?


Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive?

Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 1
Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 1

Do you have craze of chatting? Do you use your smartphone till late at night? Do you spend most of your time doing texts and reading emails? If yes, than you probably be at risk of cell phone addiction. The fact is we are living in era of scientific miracles, and we are pretty much dependent on technology. What is addiction? For me it could be an unhealthy habit and probably you could say a routine work, but the fact is it’s a craze of something that gives you some bad results. Addiction is addiction whether it is cocaine, coffee or a pretty much use of smartphone all will give you some sort of unhealthy result, so the question is why we fall into this? In case of cigarette or cocaine the element which is called Nicotine is make you addict of it. Once you try it you feel some sort of relaxation which makes you regular consumer of it. In smartphone’s case the base is same as in cigarette’s case, once you try it, its applications and featured makes you addict, like chat with your friends even it is not necessary or surfing Facebook on your smartphone, chat with your friend on cell phone gives you kinda different feel rather you talk direct to your friend. A chemical in our brain which name is Dopamine is the responsible for addiction for something, not only addiction it is responsible for adventure seeking, pleasure seeking, motivation etc so Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive?

Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction

Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 1
Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 1

Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive? So are you a cell phone additive? Probably you could give better answer after reading its some symptoms; you probably a smartphone addictive if you,

Check your cell phone again and again even it is not ringing or vibrating.

Use your cell phone more often when you fell some anxiety or fear.

Use your cell phone till late at night for just doing texts and chats.

Feel anxiety or fear when its battery going to down or already downed.

Feel loneliness if your cell phone is not in your approach due to some reasons.

Feel anger, tension or restlessness due to over use of cell phone.

If you have more than two of these symptoms than you probably a cell phone addictive which is become very common now a days.

Cell phone Addiction in Teenagers

Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 1
Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 1

Almost 50% of teenagers think that they are smartphone addictive, especially children teenagers are becoming its addictive. Children spend most of their time on smartphone and tablets just playing games, they spend more time on cell phone rather to sleeping time. Well this is alarming situation for us. In a survey almost 70% teen says that they feel a need to give quick responses of texts and social network’s posts. Where these social media websites gives kinda good things it is also making teen an addictive of cell phone. 94% of teens go online daily through their cell phones.

Side Effects of Smartphone Addiction

Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 4
Download Are we becoming a Smartphone Addictive 4

Excess use of anything will cause of side effects, for example if you are taking too much milk daily it also cause side effect rather it gives you benefits. Similarly excessive use of smart phone also creates some bad effects which could be

Feeling anxious and lonely, this can cause of some physical disorders.

You may feel fear of losing your cell phone which is a physiological disorder.

Extremism, anger and depression can also affect you.

Neck and arms pain due to excessive use of cell phone.

Eye strain and itching due to constantly looking at cell phone’s screen.

Headache and blurry vision.

Restlessness due to less sleep.










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