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Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and s7 border had attained the masses this month, also has been in a position to impress many people. These are extremely popular handsets. Samsung Galaxy S7 looks quite like Galaxy S6, they are almost of the exact same size and everything is at precisely the same place as it was in S6. Here in this informative article, we’ll be sharing best programs for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to get the most out of them.

However, it does not mean that Samsung hasn’t provided us something new. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 border Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset processor, 12MP primary camera along with 5MP secondary camera, 3000mAH battery, 5.1″ AMOLED touch screen and even more.

We all believe that a Smartphone defines us. If you’re a working person, you will have productivity apps installed on your handset or if you are a musician, then you will have related programs installed. So today, we’re going to discuss about some useful applications, you can utilize on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for superior usability and productivity. And expect that you want our listing and we’ll be happy see your preferred one.


Go Launcher Application

If you want to smartly personalize your Android Screen, then you must opt for Go Launcher. Owing to its highly interactive controllers, it offers more enhanced performance. It provides you more than 10000 elegant theme styles you can choose from and above 15 app widgets, for your regular requirements and mood.

Since Samsung’s devices include TouchWiz UI with limited customization, so this launcher will surely help you to customize Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at the most convenient manner.

It guarantees Bright apps direction, clears redundant functioning programs which causes faster user experience.



Instagram is a fun and easy way to share your photographs, or videos with friends and family. With Facebook owned Instagram, you just click on a picture through your mobile and with adequate filter on Instagram, you can transform that picture to a sweet memory, an ideal image. You get to share your picture through distinct services, i.e. Facebook, twitter etc..

Instagram Has made sharing or uploading of pictures, a much less awkward procedure, and it made it even quicker and more flexible for us.


Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

Musixmatch is Said to function as world’s largest lyrics catalogue. It was featured among the ‘The Greatest apps 2014 and 2015’ selection of Google Play Store. You can scan your audio library and dwell stream playlist to recover lyrics via Musixmatch.

Additionally, Now you can use this app with your premium Spotify account as well. You may have all the readymade playlist from your Spotify account at your fingertips. With only a tap, you can easily find or identify a song or its lyrics from radio, TV, or any other sound source.


Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Wallpaper HD offered by OGQ is a desktop setting application. It is a completely free program which offers you over 8000 images for your Homescreen. You get to select from a massive collection of stunning backgrounds which gets updated on a daily basis.

Background HD smartly manages your home screen so you don’t have to worry about your phone’s battery or functionality. You may select from several categories like creatures, buildings or cars etc, apply relevant filters and that’s it.



Chromer is a new and refreshing application that helps to manage your smartphone. The program lets you utilize chrome custom tabs onto your telephone without any requirement of app developer to manually implement it.

You must be Wondering, what you are going to get from this app? With Chromer, you’re using a light weight version of chrome that will be faster as it is strictly built to load webpages quickly.

Chrome Customized Tabs give apps more control over their web experience, and make transitions between native and web content simpler without needing to resort to a WebView.

Chrome Custom Tabs also allow the programmer to pre-start Chrome and pre-fetch content for faster loading.



Accomplish is A task-manager that not only can help you remember your tasks but also assist you in graphically plan your program to handle your task easily and more efficiently. It allows you to create and organize your jobs as easily as you can without much of a hotch-potch.

Accomplish Is a really intuitive program, it lets you sync with your Google Calendar as well.



Mirrativ is A relatively new program and require some improvements, but it’s definitely worth a try because it got serious potential. You like to socialize dear readers? Then you can definitely give a shot to this program. Mirrativ gives you platform that lets you interact: playing videos, games, texting and much more.

With Mirrativ, You can broadcast your smart phone display and combine your friends, indulge yourself in a variety of activities like shopping or playing games etc..

Whether You are a show-off gamer or just simply need to discuss your life’s experience with your pals, you can definitely use this app.


Google Drive suit

The Google Drive lawsuit is a cloud storage application with lots of goodies! Google drive suits include Google sheets, Google Photos, Google docs and Google Slides. You can Edit, share, and make your documents through Google Drive Suit.

You simply Need to upload your files once,and you can access your saved files from anywhere around the world and may also view and edit your documents in offline mode. Facilitates easy sharing of documents with others, you could always offer a certain access level to others. You could even edit your file using some other programs and save them back to Google Drive.



Are you interested In saving up battery and space on your Smartphone? Then you must give a try to Hermit. We all recognize that native apps eats up a lot of our smartphone battery and distance, which makes it almost slow.

Hermit Replaces any source eating application with a messenger program. Just like Chromer, Hermit delivers super-fast chrome customer tabs, which is popularly known as Website wrap, which feels like an app. Also includes a free library of messenger programs from where you can with which you can certainly create programs on your own.

Hermit is a Very lite application also it provides us an impression like we are using different apps for each site like Facebook, twitter etc. rather than significant web pages.

The Program also tends to maximize your privacy while browsing. Hermit prevents third-party biscuits, which limits your browsing paths. Hermit is also highly customizable.


360 Security – Antivirus FREE

The 360 Safety is the world’s hottest mobile security instrument. If you are seeking the best Android antivirus app for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, then this app would be greatest. This helpful application makes your mobile device a whole lot faster, cleaner, and safer for you. It literally speeds up your apparatus by draining unnecessary background processes. It also extends your device’s battery life and clears all of the junk files to revive your storage area.

360 Safety Protects all elements of your cellular device. It dynamically updates cloud and antivirus database in real-time, to guard your device against emerging viruses and trojan.



HULU enables One to see current and hit TV shows, classic series and famous films. Once subscribed, you’ll have complete access to HULU’s content library. You will receive updates regarding hottest shows or movies gets available on HULU’s library, and you may add your favorite show into a queue to get immediate access.

Even though Watching on HULU, you do not have to search every single time you have resumed something you had been seeing before, you are able to resume watching from wherever you had abandoned.

In the time of subscribing, you can choose between their own none or restricted commercial plans.


ES file explorer

The ES Document Explorer is an all-time File manager for the majority of the users due to its simplicity and intuitive design. It’s in a position to open just about any sort of file and it also offers other features to smartly manage your information. Millions of users are already using it, and it’s been their favorite for quite sometime. Additionally, I would recommend this app as one of the best file manager program for Galaxy S7 and S7 border.

The ES Document Explorer has many advantageous features. For starters, you can cut, copy, edit, rename, share, hunt or hide your documents on your device, quite readily. Further, it’s the most advances File viewer that supports almost every kind of file type that lets you view any type of file like pictures, texts, music and other kind of files without any issue.

Remote Control of documents is among the recent characteristic of ES file explorer, which enables you to remotely manage your documents.


Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe Is an incredibly intuitive and intelligent tool that lets you keep your favorite programs, tools, and contacts, always in your reach and it’s basically designed for larger smartphones, just like Samsung S7 and S7 edge with a display size of 5.5″ and 5.1″ respectively. Together with Omni Swipe, all you have to do is ‘Installation & Setup’ then when you need, you can swipe it from both of the bottom ends.

You can also Access it as you are playing any sport or watching any movie or so. We all can say about this, is that its a fantastic tool and it surely worth a try.


MacroDroid – Device Automation

MacroDroid Is a very strong task monitoring and configuration program let you execute various actions. All you will need is to just set different requirements on your telephone and the telephone will take action accordingly, which is called ‘Macros’ in this program.

For Instance, You set a condition like if your phone’s battery reaches 20%, and set actions as: Reduce brightness, stop unused applications, and switch to plane mode. Then every time this condition arises, this application performs over actions.

Similarly, you may also add you have status, you can do this by choosing from a specified list of triggers and choose appropriate action depending on your want using MacroDroid. Interesting! Is not that? What do you think?



Its consistently Hectic to assign duties and program to our workers, as it need lots of organization. But Sling is an application which will help you with this particular task and makes it a lot easier for you to organize, distribute responsibilities and communicate with your employees.

This app Allows you to create programs, handle break time, manage unexpected leaves, manage slot accessibility and much more you can manage with this app. Using this application, every one of your employee will be well-informed, and you’ll be stress-free. You can use Sling, from anywhere and from any of your device, as it is readily available for android, iOS, as well as net. This app is both effective for small scale individual business as well as for large-scale organizations.


Google Keep

The Google Do you come with ideas or beautiful thoughts, and need them to bring them in reality. Then you should have Google Keep on your smartphone.

You can save it remind you of conserves notes, which means it’s possible to manage them, and don’t overlook them.

That is all Readers! It ends our listing of the best software for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. Please share your ideas with us about any other program you find helpful and harmonious for this handset.

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