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How to Delete Google Photos & Backup


How to Delete Google Photos & Backup

Download How to Delete Google Photos & Backup (3)
How to Delete Google Photos & Backup (3)

Google Photos is a free web based online photo storage. You can store and synchronize your important photos very smoothly. The feature of Google is very useful but sometime you do not want to save your private photos on any online data storing drive, and it probably the good thing but for privacy concerns it is probably not good as much. So if you want to delete your Google photos backup you have to follow the following methods.

How to Delete Google Photos & Backup? There is two methods for deleting photos from Google photos, one is deleting from your device but not from Google drive, and second is delete from both device and Google drive.

How to Delete Photos from Google Drive

  1. First you need to open you Google photos app and turn off your back up& sync. By going to Menu>Setting>Back up & sync. It is because you only want to delete from Google photos not from your Device.
  2. Now go to “” and check for which photos you want to delete and then check mark the photos you want to delete and after check mark delete the photos.
  3. Now all of your deleted photos are in your Trash folder where you can remove them permanently.

Remove Photos from Your Device

Download How to Delete Google Photos & Backup (3)
How to Delete Google Photos & Backup (3)
  1. Now first you go to again Menu>Setting>Back up & sync. And turn on the option by taping on it.
  2. Now go to Menu>Setting>Free up device storage and tap on it.
  3. This option will delete all photos from your device and Google drive as well which have been backed up by synchronizing.


Delete Some Photos Mistakenly?

Don’t worry if you have deleted some imported photos accidentally or by mistake, all your deleted photos from Google Photos have been shifted to Trash folder automatically, just go to Trash folder and recover your desired photos easily by just backing them up from Trash, hold the tap on photos which you want to recover and make a check mark, after all checked than tap the Restore button and get your mistakenly deleted photos easily.



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