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Eleven Android apps that honestly pay you cash


Eleven apps that honestly pay you cash


No, it isn’t a scam: you certainly could make cash via spending a few minutes with the right telephone app. Whilst you may not make sufficient to stop your day job there are tons of apps in the marketplace that legitimately pay you for viewing advertisements, taking surveys or purchasing in positive shops. However whilst you’re searching out the right app to pad your budget, you have to be careful that you’re no longer simply wasting a while.


It is able to be difficult to inform simply how an awful lot you could make with these apps because most reward factors in place of coins. Even as you may usually trade those points for coins or present cards, with many distinctive approaches to earn and spend factors it’s difficult to mention just what you are getting in your efforts. Some apps pay simply pennies, however earning those pennies for easy tasks—like looking an advertisement—can make them upload up quick. Others pays some bucks on every occasion you operate them, but require extra effort and time to your component.


So are you geared up to start incomes some extra bucks with some clicks of your phone? We road examined and rounded up our favorite eleven apps for making more money.




You’re already importing photographs to social media, but cosign shall we you switch them into coins. Just tag pix you add to fb, twitter, instagram, pinterest or tumblr with information about the products pictured in them, just like the brand and fee of the brand new handbag you are wearing. But cosign is not just for fashionistas: in addition to garments, you may tag family goods, tech merchandise, food, books, movies and extra. While your fans purchase the items you publish, you’ll earn a commission of up to 35% of the product fee, which may be quite lucrative for pricier items. In case you have already got a social following and share the type of content cosign wants, it is an smooth manner to earn more money—but if now not, it could now not be well worth the effort.


What you do: tag your social images with data approximately merchandise proven

How a good deal you’re paid: a fee of as much as 35% of the object’s price

How you receives a commission: paypal, take a look at or gift card

How much you need to make before cashing out: $forty

Platform: ios, android



Would you be willing to view a few advertisements a day in trade for coins? In that case, this is exactly what fronto offers: this app displays information and ads in your android’s lock screen. You’ll earn points for viewing or interacting with each ad (plus occasional bonus factors), which you could trade for cash, coupons or amazon present cards. While profits aren’t high, the attempt on your element is almost non-existent—and the points earned will upload up. One thing to be cautious of with fronto is bandwidth and battery use. Downloading and showing ads will take a toll on each, and in case you already struggle keeping your telephone charged all day this may not be a pinnacle preference.


What you do: view commercials in your cellphone’s lock display screen

How a lot you’re paid: from $0.01 to $2 according to interplay

The way you receives a commission: paypal or amazon present card

How a whole lot you need to make earlier than cashing out: $10

Platform: android



The benefit of swagbucks is the wide variety of ways it lets you earn points. Maximum belongings you already do on line—looking, purchasing, gambling games, taking surveys, watching motion pictures and lots greater—can earn you points. But that variety makes swagbucks a bit extra complicated without a doubt due to the quantity of various activities you can do to earn points. Swagbucks has eight distinct apps for iphone (although just two for android) plus sports on its internet site and browser toolbar. That gives a ton of range, however makes it all too clean to at the same time as away your day even as making simply minor income. If you want swagbucks, we would recommend the use of a point-earner or  that match suits easily into your virtual recurring, letting you earn factors with out going crazy through seeking to do simply everything. Even though you don’t earn a whole lot in keeping with hobby, the ones points will upload up in case you use swagbucks every day.


What you do: seek, save, play and greater

How a whole lot you are paid: from $0.01 to $zero.36 per pastime

How you receives a commission: paypal, present playing cards from amazon, target, walmart, starbucks and greater

How a whole lot you need to make earlier than cashing out: $3

Platform: net, ios, android



Like swagbucks, perk gives lots of approaches to earn factors: watch films, take quizzes, play video games, seek the web, store and more. Every feature has its own app—and like swagbucks, it finding out what to do to earn factors can get convoluted quickly—however the app you possibly need to use is perk television, which rewards points for watching movies. Looking movies earns you very little (a factor or two each, which amounts to fractions of a penny), you can run perk television for your smartphone and it’s going to autoplay films even as you do different matters, making it one of the lowest attempt apps on this list. If you use it regularly, that may bring about a few very real coins over the course of a month.


What you do: watch videos, take quizzes, play video games and greater

How tons you are paid: $0.001 to $0.003 in step with video

The way you get paid: paypal, present playing cards from target, starbucks and greater

How much you want to make before cashing out: $five

Platform: ios, android



In case you enjoy the joys of playing the lotto, deliver lucktastic a strive. It is a unfastened app that lets you play video games corresponding to scratch-off lottery tickets—and prefer lotto tickets, your rewards may be quite random. Each day you get a handful of new tickets to scratch off, each of as a way to praise you between five to ten points. Finally, you can turn the ones points in for coins or present cards, but similar to the lotto you have got a hazard to win extra instantly—up to $10,000. Scratching off your tickets will only take a minute or , and even though the profits are small (until you win one of the massive prizes), they add up over the course of the month. Plus, because it’s loose you have actually got not anything to lose—beyond a tiny quantity of time—with the aid of gambling.


What you do: view advertisements and play games

How much you are paid: $zero.0.5 to $zero.01 consistent with scratch off, with probabilities to greater instantly

How you get paid: test, dwolla, or present playing cards from amazon, gamestop, fandango and extra

How a great deal you need to make before cashing out: $10

Platform: ios, android



Trying to get more healthy? % can help with that at the same time as supporting pad your pockets. Using the app, you may make a p.C. To get to the health club, devour extra vegetables, or log your food. Determine how regularly you need to do this stuff and percent will preserve you to it—providing you with coins (typically a dollar or two) in case you meet your goals and taking your coins (you decide what you need to threat) in case you do not. To save you you from gaming the machine, % verifies all your sports, the usage of your gps to affirm you have gone to the gym, linking with a health tracker to verify you’ve taken a run, checking your meals logs in myfitnesspal, and ensuring you ate your veggies through pics of your meals. Meet your desires each week and you may rake in cash, which varies relying on how active you are and what number of human beings did not meet their dreams. If you’re trying to make healthier choices, there’s no cause now not to use % to accumulate some more bucks along the way—as a minimum as long as you may keep on with the ones dreams.


What you do: visit the gymnasium, consume your greens, or log your food

How tons you are paid: varies, however often a dollar or  a week

How you receives a commission: paypal

How much you want to make earlier than cashing out: $10

Platform: ios, android




Consumers, this one’s for you. Shopkick offers you factors for traveling shops, browsing (and scanning product barcodes whilst you do), and shopping for certain gadgets. Exclusive shops could have exceptional services, some supplying you with factors for just on foot inside the door even as others will simplest praise you for getting products. Gives trade often, so keep an eye on the app to peer which stores are imparting points earlier than you head out shopping. Though shopkick calls for a chunk of attempt to maintain up with the to be had rewards, it is an amazing way to earn a few extra cash just by using doing the buying you’re already doing.


What you do: save and skim at sure shops

How tons you are paid: $zero.25 to $1.50 consistent with save visit, product test or purchase

How you get paid: present playing cards from walmart, target, starbucks, satisfactory purchase and more

How plenty you need to make before cashing out: $2

Platform: ios, android




Think of ibotta as a discount or rebate gadget, imparting rewards for purchases you make. Unlock gives for specific products at unique stores in the ibotta app—with the aid of just clicking on them or on occasion watching an advert or answering a query—and then take a picture of your receipt as proof of buy. Maximum of ibotta’s offers are targeted on grocery items, but there may be a growing choice of garb, electronics and different shops on offer for deals irrespective of what you are looking for. Including ibotta for your grocery buying habitual is exceedingly low attempt—mainly if you’re already used to clipping coupons—and the profits can add up noticeably fast, depending in your shopping behavior.


What you do: buy merchandise

How a good deal you are paid: from $0.25 to $10.00 in step with purchase

How you get paid: paypal, venmo, or gift playing cards from amazon, quality purchase, starbucks and extra

How a good deal you want to make earlier than cashing out: $20

Platform: ios, android


Receipt Hog

If unlocking ibotta’s rebates is an excessive amount of trouble, try receipt hog, which rewards you for purchasing in fewer steps. Just experiment receipts whilst you shop—the app frequently supports grocery and drug shops—and collect points for each experiment primarily based on how a good deal you spend. If you experiment as a minimum one receipt per week, you may also have the risk to play a slot gadget style sport that can earn you extra factors. Receipt hog makes the cash to praise you with the aid of gathering your shopping facts—minus your personal facts—for marketplace research, so if you object, you may want to live away. But if that’s not a problem, receipt hog is a honest manner to earn a bit of extra money to your regular buying.


What you do: scan your receipts

How a good deal you are paid: $0.1/2 to $0.Thirteen per receipt, depending on how tons you spend

The way you receives a commission: paypal or amazon gift card

How tons you want to make before cashing out: $5.00

Platform: ios, android



Turning into a mystery consumer has by no means been less complicated. Mobee gives mystery purchasing “missions” at shops and eating places across the united states of america, asking you to store, take photos and answer a few questions about your revel in. The missions are enormously brief to complete at 10 to fifteen minutes every, and if there is a task handy to wherein you are buying or walking errands, it’s generally well worth your whilst. As long as you are not going out of your manner to do a project, mobee gives suitable rewards for the time spent—from $1.50 to $12.00 in step with challenge (though anticipate to spend more time for higher praise missions). The only disadvantage is that if you’re in a rural region, you are possibly to discover mobee’s missions well out of your way, meaning the time you’re taking to get there might be extra than the reward is well worth.


What you do: shop and solution some questions

How plenty you are paid: $1.50 to $12.00 consistent with undertaking

How you receives a commission: donations to charity or gift playing cards from walmart, target, first-rate purchase, ebay, starbucks and extra

How a lot you need to make earlier than cashing out: $five

Platform: ios, android


Surveys on the Go

Get paid coins in your critiques! Surveys on the move lets you anonymously answer survey questions about a variety of subjects for market research. The downside to making money by means of taking surveys, however, is that occasionally they are able to take quite a few time for only a small praise—and, worse, occasionally you’ll solution a number of questions only to be informed you do not qualify for the survey. But, if you don’t thoughts in spending some time answering questions in exchange for coins, surveys at the go genuinely has advantages over other survey systems: it’s up-front approximately how plenty money you’re making (listing it in coins in preference to factors) and it will pay coins in place of gift cards.


What you do: take surveys

How lots you are paid: from $0.25 to $five.00 per survey

The way you receives a commission: paypal

How an awful lot you want to make before cashing out: $10

Platform: ios, android

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