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Google Removed Tap to Snapshot Option


Those of you using android 6.Zero or higher, have google now on faucet, which debuted with marshmallow remaining year. It was as soon as notion of as google now on steroids. A long-press of the house button could convey up data found on the display screen. As an example, if you are on a page speaking approximately google wifi (like this one), google now on faucet might provide you with more records about what you’re seeing on the screen. Some other useful characteristic within the display screen search changed into the capacity to easily take a screenshot. This selection turned into definitely truly useful. Now not most effective due to the fact the screenshot might take out the navigation bar, but it’d also mechanically open the share menu and then delete the screenshot once you shared it. Making it easy to take a screenshot and percentage it with others.


Well now, that screenshot characteristic appears to be long past. It doesn’t appear to have disappeared in an replace to the google app either, as a few customers are nonetheless seeing it, whilst many others aren’t. It’s feasible that the hunt massive is testing something here with a handful of customers. Or that something else is entering replace it. But for now, it appears to be long past for many users. It became perhaps the maximum useful a part of google now on tap or screen search. So optimistically it’ll make its way again inside the close to future.

Google now on faucet has now been replaced, sort of, with the google assistant. Despite the fact that google assistant will only be available on the pixel and pixel xl smartphones and not all android-powered smartphones. However now while you long-press the home button, you are sent into the google assistant, in place of google now on tap. Now, it’s miles still there, but it’s simply taking a bit of a backseat to the google assistant, which appears to be a good deal more beneficial than google now and google now on faucet were. Which is surely a great aspect, as google has stepped forward with their synthetic intelligence, as they have to.

With a bit of luck google will carry returned the screenshot function to google now on tap, but as for now, it appears to be disappearing.

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