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How to Make Google Docs Available Offline


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How to Make Google Docs Available Offline

Google Docs is an online working platform like creating documents and spreadsheets. Google provides complete range of office working application where People can create, store, edit and share documents online, it also can be accessed from any other computer with an internet connection. User can compose and edit documents in various fonts and formats, and due to online data storage there is no risk of data loss. But there is an issue about working on this application, because it is web based and only can access via an active internet connection so it is very hard to access it offline, so How to Make Google Docs Available Offline. there is a method through which you can access Google docs offline easily on android and PC/laptop, the method is quite simple just follow the steps.

For Android Phone Users

When using android phone for Google docs you can make Google docs available offline by follow the underneath instructions.

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How to Make Google Docs Available Offline
  1. Go to your Google Doc application and open it.
  2. Now tap the Menu
  3. Now tab Settings.
  4. Tap on Offline to turn it on, this will creates sheets and documents in offline mood.


This is the simple tip to make Google Docs available offline in Android.

For Pc Users

If you are running a PC and using Google Docs you have to install Google Chrome web browser in order to work offline with Google Docs. Follow the steps.

  1. Install Google Chrome on your pc.
  2. After installing it you have to create Google Chrome’s Account which you can easily make by just adding your Gmail address.
  3. After making Chrome’s account you have sign in and open Google drive and click on settings and then check the box “Offline” which will sync Google Docs, sheets and slides and all other things that you can use in Offline mood.

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