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Most Popular Types Of Gaming Apps


A structured form of a play is called Game. Games can be separate on the basis of work (that is usually carried out for some money), and on the basis of art (that is more often an expression of ideological or aesthetic elements). Well the difference is not clear cut, many games are also regarded to be work just like professional players of spectator sports or games, or art just like jigsaw puzzles or games including an artistic layout such as solitaire, mahjong, casino or some video games.

Sometimes games are played only for entertainment, sometimes for reward or achievement as well. Which can be played in teams, alone or online; by professionals or by amateurs. Key components of games are rules, goals, interaction and challenge. Games usually involve physical or mental stimulation, and often both.

In Google play, there are thirty three apps and twenty four categories in Apple’s Store. According to Statistical research, more than 3% of users have managed to use just 7 app categories. You can see:



This graph clearly shows for what purposes users are using or playing mobile apps. They tend to do communicate, business, entertain, educate themselves, play games and relax, of course.

Among different types of most popular apps, as more than twenty four percent of all mobile apps, easily available in app store, fall into the gaming section. Not sure but the average personal time spent on playing games would be increase only, according to the same research.

Mobile gaming has always been bloom, encouraging app developers to invest more resources and time into developing new games and also mobile versions of well-known stationary games. From user’s point of view gaming apps offer the sense of achievement and high engagement in the process, an average gaming session is about eight minutes long. For developing game apps, category is the most profitable one.  For example the most popular games are Clash of Clans (Android & IOS), Candy Crush Saga (Android & IOS), Angry Birds Go (Android & IOS), Temple Run (Android & IOS), Solitaire (Android & IOS), Trivial Crack (Android & IOS) and also online casino games.

Nowadays, the gambling sector is become an essential part for the development of the entertainment sector as whole and plays an important role in the economy of every country.


A wide range of amenities are provided to contemporary players that make the game more profitable, convenient and exciting.  Apart from land based casinos, the online and mobile gambling are also a very big step towards the reinvigoration of the gambling industry.




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