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Must have Android apps for your daily use


Must have Android apps for your daily use

I live and die by these android apps, even though a number of them possibly be somewhat geeky they nevertheless remain very helpful.


AirDroid is a program that lets you command your own Android apparatus From any internet browser. It functions with your private Wi-Fi system, provided that the telephone and the PC are connected to precisely the exact same Wi-Fi you are able to start the program on your own Android apparatus, visit the web interface in your computer, install the passkey and also you may get your documents onto the browser.


Avast! Mobile Security

Have used up to now. It offers a Large Number of providers:

Virus Security — It scans programs and files for viruses.


Privacy Advisor — It appears into every program, Permitting You to know That have access to possibly harmful permissions. It arouses them by consent categories.


Application Control — You can view all of the programs Installed from the apparatus, forcing shut them and examine their system tools (dimensions, CPU use, Services, threads etc).


Whenever you’re online. It searches each website you get for possible dangers ahead.

You are able to block incoming text messages and messages, in addition to incoming calls to/from particular phone numbers. That means that you can block those pesky advertising and marketing texts. Many applications for this feature come to mind, in case your kid has an Android telephone, it is possible to set which amounts they could get during school hours. So you should consider these android apps.

Firewall — necessitates ROOT accessibility, firewall permits you to Block certain programs from running. You may select whether you would like them to be obstructed while at WiFi hit or 3G.
Network Meter — steps your information utilization on wifi or 3g.

Finest characteristic of this application and it might be a standalone program. It has several functions like remote wipe, lock, siren, find, SIM card switch alarms and a broad variety of text commands you could send. It’s possible to set 2 particular amounts, which is used in the event the unit is lost/stolen to send orders.

The machine after a hard reset, and also the consumer can change on GPS, or data link. It’s possible to check out more in the site.

The anti-theft is set up as a separate program, and you can Select any name that you need to provide it.


Pocket – formerly Read it Later

I read a Good Deal of posts on the Internet every day and this program Is useful once you wish to store something for later reading. It’s a gorgeous, minimalistic and clean user interface. It’s simple to organize your posts, videos, files. There are times that you get hyperlinks and you can not open them instantly; just pocket them.



WhatsApp requires no introduction. Has been quick. It is a messaging program which uses your own 3G (or even WiFi when available) to supply a more affordable option to SMS and MMS.



Are we and thus are 100 million additional Viber users on the market! In earlier times there were just a few approaches to cover less and speak more.

It Routes the calls on a 3G link saving you money because you won’t utilize routine voice calling. It is way cheaper basically because it utilizes your information extremely economically.


audio/video clips. It synchronizes these records into the cloud and you’ll be able to get them in the internet browser, Windows client or iOs client. It keeps your notes nicely organized, it’s extremely vital for men and women that take down a lot of notes and memos.

Google Drive

It’s the Ideal cloud storage for producing, saving and documents And files. In the event that you had been using Google Docs then Drive is the ideal selection for you. It works flawlessly with all the other Google apps because it had been created by Google.



The Renowned program that was obtained by Facebook to get a trendy billion dollars. This is the very best Photo-sharing program on the market, it’s amazing filters which make it a pleasure to use. The filters essentially allow you to turn your easy amateur photography into excellent specialist bits. You could even use the filters to make your photographs look older in a comfortable way. So great is Instagram at doing so professional photographers have voiced disdain for this.

Along with creating some Wonderful pieces of artwork for you, Instagram permits you to geotag your photographs (that can create the photograph tell where it had been shot) and easily place to Facebook, Twitter along with quite a few other social websites. Friends and family can accompany you and comment on your own image posts directly from Instagram.


Being a soccer enthusiast, I need to stay Current with all The newest live soccer scores, this android app does it much better than any other. It’s all of the significant leagues and also reveals yellow and red cards, in addition to consequences of other popular sports.



If You’re like me and sometimes You Cannot keep track of Here is the move to program for daily expenses direction. Additionally, it exhibits pie charts and graphs of your monthly cost laying it bare that which you want to cut down or if you have to move from this pricey apartment in the paths. It is possible to categorize your filter and expenses costs based on the set classes.



Shazam enables you to label any tune That’s playing and recover Its Title, Artist along with other monitor details. A current upgrade asserts that program is now able to tag any television show also, although I have not been able to label any displays the couple occasions I have tried.



Out of left-to-right, you turn every page making the encounter quite intuitively pleasing and very cool also. It aggregates your societal and RSS feeds, and exhibits them in the magazine format. It is a great tool for uncovering articles.



Feedly is just another RSS reader, following a current UI overhaul it Now competes distinctively with Flipboard. I favor it on Flipboard since it doesn’t have big pictures, has a clean UI and it’s profoundly integrated with Pocket.



Together with this android app you can view and control your computer’s desktop computer from your telephone or tablet. Stand up and change of the PC.


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