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New Android Oreo Upgrade Features


New Android Oreo Upgrade Features

Android Oreo Unveiled at an event in New York coinciding with the solar panel, Google’s large update has been shown off publicly for the first time. There are plenty of changes in route, including battery life developments, multitasking style and a free malware-scanning tool. Just how can you attempt Android Oreo on your own, and if should you expect it to appear on your own apparatus? Continue scrolling for the particulars. Best Purchase smartphones — our experts recommend these clever mobiles


How to Install Android Oreo Traditionally, Google’s own Nexus gadgets are the very first to be upgraded with the latest OS version. It is the same story this time around, and you’ll Have the Ability to download Oreo ‘in the near future’ on the following phones and tablets:


Nexus 5X

Nexus 6P


C Pixel

Pixel XL


If you own a Distinct Android apparatus, you could have a bit of a wait before you. There is no warranty on when Oreo is going to be accessible, but it’s worth remembering some phones still don’t possess Android Nougat, the OS before Oreo. When it’s available to download, you’ll automatically be notified and sent to the upgrade display (right). Speaking in the Android Oreo media event, a Google spokesperson said: “We’ve also been working closely together with our spouses, and from the end of this year, hardware manufacturers including Essential, General Mobile, HMD Global Home of Nokia Phones, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and Sony are scheduled to launch or update devices to Android 8.0 Oreo”.


Android Oreo – 3 key features

1. Better battery life


Better battery life
Better battery life


Some of the greatest changes within Android Oreo run behind the scenes. Android now sets a limitation on which programs running in the background are doing. A news app that you have closed down doesn’t need to be looking for the most recent headlines until you start this up again, for example. It is a little change, but Google says it’s going to make a large difference. We’ll have to see for ourselves if the upgrade becomes more widely available.

2. Multitasking support

Multitasking support
Multitasking support


Android Oreo supports Picture-in-Picture mode, which makes multitasking far easier. With it, you can run two programs at the exact same moment. If you’re seeing a YouTube video in full screen and tap on the Home button, the movie will shrink and sit at the corner of this display.


Some Smartphones already have their own variant of Picture-in-Picture mode. The Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus support it from the box, and you can turn it on by tapping on the Overview key. This will split the phone’s screen down the middle and make it possible for you to resize each window depending on how you are using them. Now that Picture-in-Picture mode has been bundled with Oreo, the handy instrument won’t just be on offer for certain brands of phone. Popular apps such as YouTube and Google Chrome have been verified to work with Picture-in-Picture mode, and more will follow.



3. Improved safety with Google Play Protect

Improved safety with Google Play Protect
Improved safety with Google Play Protect


Google Play Protect is currently rolling out using Android Oreo. It attracts a refreshed interface To Find My Device (ideal if you are losing your phone more often than you’d like To acknowledge) and a built-in program scanner. Based on Google, Play Protect Scans ‘billions of apps’ daily. It can also track programs in your phone for Unusual behaviour and warn you about questionable websites. While Google does its Far better stop harmful apps from hitting the Google Play Store, a few do Occasionally slide. Included in this Google Play Protect service, apps Termed ‘safe’ will be clearly marked, so you know exactly which programs you can trust. For More Information on security on Android Oreo, visit our article on Google Play Protect.


Of course, If You Would like to keep your information secure And do not fancy waiting around for Oreo, a mobile security program could be the answer. See our Best Buy mobile security apps for resources which will keep you Protected against malware and scams.


What else does Android Oreo have to offer?


Offer Big changes apart, there are plenty of smaller tweaks in Android Oreo that Will make Google’s smartphones easier to use. Folders menu has had a revamp, so you can now control just what you Wish to be alerted of. Pocket every two minutes to swipe away a obviously telling. Google has stated Via a blog post that Android Oreo will ‘run faster’ generally, and you’ll also Have the ability to download fonts and play around with a few new emoji in texts and emails. ‘Smart copy-and-paste’ will make it easier to replicate addresses and phone Amounts, and tablets and smartphones running the update will boot up ‘twice as fast’. We test the Most Recent Android smartphones in our lab from big-name brands To see which budget-priced and Premium phones we recommend, head over to our guide about the top five greatest smartphones for 2017. If you don’t want to spend big, you might also wish to read Over our guidance on buying a cell phone on a budget.

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