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Newton Mail App for Android, iOS and MacOS


Newton Mail App for Android, iOS and MacOS

Download Newton Mail App
Newton Mail App

How many times you desired that you should have a platform through which you can control, re arrange and perform fast emailing without getting into mess of all different Email providers? Probably you would have thought about it if your are constant email user, first time introducing you a complete platform through which you can get control of your all emails service providers in a single app, Newton Mail app is a single door to all your email providers, you can merge all your email accounts as the way you like, actually Newton Mail is a new and enhanced version of CloudMagic which is now come back with latest updates and new features, let’s have a look on some of its unique features.

Sender’s Information

Download sender's information
sender’s information

No more unknown emails… Newton Mail briefly gives you info about sender of an email like sender’s Facebook and Twitter account profiles, Job title and organization info etc, so you can collaborate with anyone who emails you.

Undo a send Email

Download undo a send email
undo a send email

The best thing to me is undo a send email; I often experience this accident, but now thanks to Newton Mail, now you can undo an email which is mistakenly send to other recipient. Sometime you wrote an email which is not suitable to send or something like this and after sending you realize that you shouldn’t send it, No worry Newton Mail has covered you, just undo it and everything is under control.

Get notification of Read Email

Download get notification of read emails
get notification of read emails

Newton Mail allows you to get notification about read of your send email, whenever someone reads your email Newton Mail will send you notification that your send email has been read. This feature is pretty good as it reduces the doubt about reading of an email.

All Emails under One Roof

Download all emails under one roof
all emails under one roof

As I described earlier that Newton Mail is one platform that combines all other email services under one roof, Yahoo, Gmail. Outlook and many more, switch between any of your email service just in one click.

Snooze Emails

Download snooze emails
snooze emails

I personally like my inbox clean and many of us would like to keep their inbox as clean as possible, Newton mail allows you to snooze your emails and get them on most accurate time, snooze allows you to remove an email from your inbox temporarily and get back on most relevant time, as this will keep your inbox clean from mess of emails that are not necessary on that time.

Secure your Email

Download secure your email
secure your email

Newton Mail helps you to secure your all emails with two step security verification, one method is password protection and second one is phone verification, beside of this Newton mail allows you remote control over your emails in case of lost or stolen of phone or device you can remote wipe your all data to secure it from anonymous person.


Ok… I personally found this app very helpful and reliable, you can switch between various email services as much as you like, get sender info and brief bio, get read email notification, simply undo an send email, secure your all emails by remote accessibility and many more useful features, but it worth of $49.99/Year which is little costly, but if you are looking for an most secure and sufficient email merging app then it will not as costly as it would be. It’s really great app!

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