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Samsung responds Current Galaxy Note 8 battery issue


Even though 2017 has been kind to Samsung, it ended on a not a good note for owners of this hottest Galaxy Notice 8. When the business finally did speak out, it leaves much to be wanted and thought, almost echoing the reaction Samsung gave in 2016’s Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery fiasco.To be honest, the Galaxy Note 8 brand new battery problem isn’t as life-threatening as its predecessor. The result, however, is the exact same. Galaxy Note 8 owners have been left without a phone to use as well as in the worst case scenario, no means of regaining their precious data.From the Galaxy Note 8 case, it is the odd outcome of completely draining the phablet’s battery, either intentionally or not. Following that, the telephone no more charges and, so no longer turns on. Some owners have resorted to having their telephones substituted, so documents saved on the device are dropped to them.Following a period of silence, Samsung needed to say about PC World’s German book (interpreted):”Samsung takes all reports of this kind, needless to say, seriously. We’ve received just an extremely small number of consumer inquiries that may be connected to charge management. Regrettably we can only comment on the issue farther if we have more detailed information about the affected devices.”And so Samsung suggests that the matter is not as prevalent and only affects a few of devices. It also does not respond to reports which it is replacing affected units with refurbished models.

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