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The upcoming Sonos smart speaker to support ‘multiple voice platforms’


Would you think Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri can become together inside one speaker? Sonos seems to think so according to its FCC filing.

We’ve known for a while that Sonos was thinking about partnering with the big boys to send a AI assistant-powered speaker to the market. After all, the company proved to be a pioneer at the speaker market, and working with Amazon, Apple, and Google will provide excellent opportunities in order for it to branch out into AI assistant-powered speakers. The new CEO of the company, Patrick Spence, previously cited in an internal memo that he had been ready to work with “global leaders like Amazon, Google and (likely) Apple… [to bring] all the alternatives that matter to every residence.”

It looks like that he wasn’t joking: according to the recent FCC filing that cites “Product variation S13,” Sonos may bring in multiple voice fans to its clever speaker. To be more specific, the filing says that the S13 speaker comprises “integrated voice controller functionality” and supports “multiple music applications and audio suppliers.” Much is known beyond this, however if Sonos does find out the way to supply you with an decision to choose between different AI fans like Alexa, Google Assistant, additionally Siri (in addition to Cortana), which might give the company an upper-hand when compared to the rivals. And as you may have expected, the S13 was considered to have far-field microphones very similar to Echo devices and Google Home. Would you’d love to find a speaker with multiple voice fans?

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