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How to Assess VoiceMail from an Android phone?


The Way to Assess your VoiceMail from an Android phone


If your phone is either dead or if you left it at home, then you could be thinking about if anyone is attempting to call you.  Instead of fretting about just how many voice mail messages you’ve got, it is possible to easily check your voicemail from any distant amount by following a few easy techniques.

This tip isn’t restricted to Android smartphones, also it may be employed on any mobile or landline phone has a voice mail inbox.

Without further ado, here is how to test your voicemail from any telephone:


Measure 1) Using any landline or mobile phone, phone your own phone number

Step 2) Wait for your call to go to voicemail. Then press on * once you listen to your voicemail greeting (do not wait until the message starts recording)

Step 3) The VoIP system will request your PIN code.  Type that code in   press pound (#)


Measure 4) After you’ve done that, your voicemail will let you know if any new messages have been received.  You are able to check out use your voicemail inbox because you normally would.


Oh, and there was one consideration to bear in mind when checking voice mail from another person’s mobile. Delete the telephone in their telephone log.  Otherwise, that person might learn your PIN.

Sometimes, the amounts you pressed throughout the call will show up from the telephone log. So removing your call out of their call history will stop your friend (or whoever’s phone you borrowed) from spying on your missed calls.

This ‘trick’ has been around for a number of years, but many mobile users don’t know about it.  When you’ve ever been unable to gain access to your mobile but will need to know who’s tried to call you, then a ‘press *’ tip throughout the greeting will probably provide help.

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