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Top 10 Bass Booster For Android Free Download


Being an android user, you definitely would have searched for bass booster for android. Bass booster apps not only make music smooth to ears. But they also give us feel of discotheque. You can try to set the equalizer of the best bass app installed in your android phone and enjoy the great music. If you download bass booster equalizer for android then you can get the best sound out of your android device. This list of applications has been constructed keeping the quality applications that have best bass booster for android.

People generally feel that the android bass booster application is hard to find. But now with this list of bass booster apps for android I have tried to come up with the handpicked applications. These applications are safe to use on your android device.The idea of boosting the bass is to have the real flow of the energy all over. The music which indeed makes the listen to enhance his power. You can check out some free music download apps to enjoy the best bass booster sound.

bass booster for android: Apps To boost mp3 music

Why To Install A Bass Booster App ?

Bass Booster app for android can be the best application that you can install. It will surely give you the best results in terms of music and sound of songs. You will absolutely love the bass booster app from our list of best bass booster apps for android. The apps that we have listed below are stable and provided a great user experience. But you need to be aware as some of the bass booster applications could damage your smartphone’s hardware. And we do not take any responsibility if you use any of the unofficial bass booster app.

Best 10 Bass Booster For Android With Equalizer

  1. Bass Booster

    bass_booster_android_appBass Booster for android is a great looking app with easy to use functions. It shows you exactly how much bass boost you will get. If you get used to setting your equalizers and want to get the most out of your songs or videos, then this app is definitely will definitely please you a lot.

    There have been some great reviews about this application from the users world wide. This can be the best bass booster for headphones if used properly. It has come cool features like best bass booster settings with great 5 Bands Equalizer (6 on some phones) supported with 20 presets. It has also got one main feature of customizable preset. You can use this and turn your phone into a sound beast.

    It has also got some cool pro features like unlimited custom presets widget (2×1) , with profiles home screen shortcuts with preset auto-detection and tasker plugin to help with tasks.

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  2. Bank Bass Booster

    bass_booster_app_by_mappstechThis is another app called Bank Bass Booster. This app has a great user interface. This the app looks amazing and works really well. It would have been the number one app on the best bass booster apps for Android list but it is a touch complicated for general users. It would have been a great application if the creativity of user interface matched with the quality of the app.

    This application is loved by some due to its techy interface while some people hate it as it is complicated. Its features include bass booster with equalizer which is a ten-band Music Player. It will surely improve sound effects of your device. with effect of modifying the sound of your phone just adjusting effects level through. It has also got bass controller and many preset like as iPod music player.

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  3. Music Equalizer

    Music EqualizerMusic Equalizer app is developed by Rodrigo Kolb. While developing this application they have only focused on bass booster but it also has a lot of impressive features presets like rock, heavy metal, jazz, Hip-hop and pop. You can different options and choose any of them which ever you like and suits your phone or make one yourself. It is a little advanced compared to other sound apps. It has some great features that will give you great user experience.

    They are 5 band EQ controller with bass booster .It also has a visualizer mode for best headphone results Music Equalizer supports w10 Presets and has a cool save custom presets. You can use this application for the best bass boosting sounds as this application is available for free on google play store.

    Download From PlayStore

  4. Equalizer Music Player

    equalizer_music_player_bass_boostThis is a music player that you can use. But it also has got the cool feature of bass booster app with equalizer. It has a simple feature of user interface easy to use with some serious great results.Equalizer has a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five band equalizer with bass boost and Visualizer effects. It has great music player that uses a simple and innovative controls.

    This could be said as the most professional player designed for music and video enthusiasts! Using the professional audio and video decoding technology, it will play the music and video perfectly and realise high-fidelity playback. Besides, the most professional equalizer controls will help you manually adjust your own music greatly.

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  5. Equalizer & Bass Booster

    equalizer_and_bass_boosterYou will definitely love to get two things in one package and this is exactly what this Android bass booster app brings to the table. This app has probably the best and the simplest user interface. The app not only comes with a bass booster and equalizer it also ships with a visualizer. Thus this application for android phones can be considered as the full music solution.

    It has some cool features like five band equalizer with cool bass boost effect and has a visualizer effect. This has some 10 equalizer presets which are best in terms of media volume control and stereo led VU meter. The app also comes with a volume dial to control the universal volume of the device. This dial comes in handy when you are adjusting the app while music in playing in the background.

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  6. Music Volume EQ

    music_volume_bass_boosterThis application has got a smooth and simple interface, which makes it easy for you to operate. It supports cool five band equalizer and has as many as 9 other dynamic presets like bass booster which enhances your quality. You can get this app fro free on play store. By using this application you can adjust and amplify sound quality with built-in equalizer, and get live visual audio readings of your current music level.

    You can use this application with Bluetooth headphones for best results. It has got some awesome features like media volume control with five band music equalizer. it has a bass boost effect – bass booster that is supported by virtualizer effect . This application also supports 9 equalizer presets, you can also save custom presets.

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  7. Bass Booster Pro

    Bass Booster ProThis app provides you with 20 mind blowing presets and it also helps you set reverb. This is a perfect app for parties as it focuses more on bass booster, which is really useful for genres like techno, trance and club music. Overall it’s a wonderful app for all the bass lovers. This application comes with premium version as well. You can use the basic version from google play store while if you are satisfied with the results the you may upgrade the same.

    The preset auto detection allows presets to be automatically adjusted according to the music that is being played. If you are you’re listening to some alternative rock music, by default, bass booster will automatically choose the rock preset, but if you create a custom “Rock” preset, yours will be selected.

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  8. Bass Booster – Music Sound EQ

    Bass Booster Music Sound EQIt is another good bass booster app which will amplify your bass at maximum level. It provides you a better sound quality so that you can enjoy the party and other function. This app is easy to use and simple app you have to easily turn your music player and open bass booster to use this app. One of the best feature of this app is dooper which will transform your sound in good sound so that you will feel like you are at a concert.

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  9. Subwoofer Bass

    Subwoofer BassSubwoofer bass is another best bass booster android app which helps you to increase the low frequencies of your devices native equalizer and actives bass booster.  It has in built clearer and stronger bass booster so that you can easily use this app and increase sound effect on your android device. It supports all music platform like spotify, soundcloud, YouTube and others so that you can easily play song via these platform. Easily use this app with its cool and user friendly interface.

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  10. Bass Booster by Modern Audio Tools

    Bass Booster by Modern Audio ToolsIt is another amazing bass booster for android which improve your device’s sound quality with the amazing bass booster option. It is easy to use with good user interface so that you can easily adjust bass levels and get the best music easily. If you want to enjoy more you must use earphone or external speakers on your android device. One of the best feature of this app is to show bass level with percentage so that you can easily adjust the bass level.

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Since music is a way of soothing mind, so these bass booster for android can prove to be a boon for smart phones. Best bass booster for android is what we have talked about in this article. You can install these bass booster for headphones and enjoy the music to the fullest. These best bass booster applications mentioned in the above list are safe to use. These can be downloaded from google play store link provided. If you liked this article then you can also share this with your friends and family. And if you want us to add any applications that you have been using as the best bass booster for android, then you can mention the same here.

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