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Top 15 Best Root Apps 2017 For Rooted Android Phones


Top 15 Best Root Apps 2017 For Rooted Android Phones

After the Android has been rooted it gets quite useful, also it can do many jobs. We’ve written many articles linked to the exact same topic so it is possible to Root your telephone for any cause. Rooting is quite important from time to time, and it gets you considerably open for many Programs so that you may do jobs that are impossible with an unrooted Android mobile phone. Tasks which require root permissions are hopeless in un-rooted Android. In this article, we will list a few of the greatest programs that may operate in rooted Android telephones only.


You will find immense number of advantages after rooting your Android cellphone. You’re absolutely free to try out any Custom Roms, eliminate stock Programs, hack games and attempting to control them and a whole lot more.


So I guess You’ve got sufficient idea what this post is all about. Therefore, in case you don’t possess a frozen telephone, then you need to think about rooting your Android cellphone first. It is possible to find rooting tutorial to your own Android phone by browsing XDA Forums. So let us begin with out collection of best rooted programs with no second today.


Finest Root Programs To utilize After Rooting your own Android



Greenify Is one of the first options when you are speaking about best Rooted Software. It keeps the cycle of all of the Software you’ve installed on your own Android. For Ex — For how long the specific Program is operating on your own Android when it’s functioning, which Application has to be shut but have not shut, which Program is draining almost all of your battery lifetime.


So kind of Information it is possible to get from Greenify therefore that it keeps your battery backup for a healthier, quick and precise system. So after assessing all those details, you are able to reopen Android programs that are taking substantial sources of your own Android mobile which will further improve the functionality in addition to battery life of your own Android cellphone. Therefore, in the event that you possess a low-end smartphone, then this program is must-try program for you.


AdBlock Plus 

AdBlock Plus Is a must own Program. It’s thought of as the very best Application readily available to block annoying Advertisements. I am aware that it seems weird that somebody like me which makes a living by demonstrating Ads stating that but that is a reality. This Program can quickly prevent the annoying Pop-ups and invalid redirection along with your Rooted Android may be a far safer apparatus then.



The Dumpster Is only Recycle bin created for Android. Each of the documents you inadvertently removed could be restored via Dumpster. It does not have some constraints for documents. You may possibly restore any document from the own Android enjoyed games, songs, Videos, PDFs and much more. Possessing such sort of Application can be extremely useful in the time crisis scenarios.


It does not Require Root, but Rooting will make it is functionality better in terms of restoring and speed. In case you really need to take out the file indefinitely, in addition, it may be carried out.



Link2SD is a Great alternate to App2sd. It functions just like App2SD, it generates links to allow you Android feel that the Program still inside. The catch is that it also functions on Program which can not be correctly obtained by App2sd. Your external SD card distance may be utilized in better ways through this Application.


If you’ve Used Program before then, you might understand that it will contains some bugs, even though they’re not so harmful for your own body, but nevertheless I will propose going through several reviews before trying it out.



The Program is currently highly common. As its name implies it handles all of the jobs for your own Android from Software to widgets, it may control everything. You can do things which can not even be imagined in your wildest fantasies. It’s essential have Application. In addition, the items are eccentric that can be performed from this Program, it’ll be quite useful for you in the event that you use your Smartphone to get unvisual needs.


It does not Need a frozen Android phone to operate but in the event the telephone is Rooted compared to the functioning of the Program gets impeccable, it unlocks all of the functions and becomes really less vulnerable.


Titanium Backup 

Titanium Backup is an excellent Application. It simply not copies your files and information but also do many helpful tasks such as uninstalling bloatware and suspend Programs, which especially means that you aren’t uninstalling the Program but stop them from ever running. You are able to move or remove any Program from the SD card with titanium backup.


If your Telephone is Rooted then should not waste any time and find this Program ASAP.


Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital is a Program that is quite unique. What it really does that it enhances the audio quality of your Android and out of audio quality that I mean to say that whatever task on your own Android that has sound is going to be improved significantly. The listing includes almost everything such as videos, games, music, background music as well as Ringtones and caller-tunes will probably be described concerning quality and audio modulation.


The Application sounds bizarre, but as far I’m concerned it certainly one of the top 5 greatest Root Programs. A Rooted telephone can boost the standard and functioning of the Application till a wonderful extent.


Xposed Framework 

Xposed Framework is a Program that could be quite beneficial when you would like to produce your Android appearance and always different in precisely the exact same moment. You are able to provide various looks to your own Android before installing distinct ROMs. From Visual alteration, button displays, theming, UI and functionality tweaks that the list goes on but not finishes there’s everything for everybody within this Application.


All you’ve got To discover that the alteration is readily available for your device or not and it may be a little difficult sometimes but you’ll undoubtedly find a better choice.


Lucky Patcher 

Lucky Patcher is a Program that’s quite convenient nowadays since it does multiple jobs. In the beginning, it functions as quite excellent Ad blocker that will allow you to stop your own Android from Annoying Advertising and re-directions. At moment it breaks different Programs from Android Market License Confirmation or alternative Confirmations for the software.


The program has Been developed by Developer Chelpus. For Rooted Android telephones, this Program works nicely. The potency of the Application may be noticed very soon after it’s setup.


Trickster Mod 

Trickster MOD is a Program that includes some great and helpful capabilities. It’s comparable to Xposed Framework with dame type of attributes and alterations but with unique twists. On your Android Rooted mobile, you can utilize both the Programs for the very same tasks at various times, so you’ll get more tweaks and modulations to generate your Smartphone look amazing.


You can do Amazing items using by using both Software and men this is for certain that the Software are worth giving you one install.



WiFi Kill Can stop all of the active connections linked in exactly the exact same network. Which means it’s going to prevent your WiFi connection being mistreated by traitors. Consequently, if a person is using your Web and breaking down your Speed, then you are able to kill their network indefinitely to utilize your WiFI connection entirely.


For Rooted Android telephones, this Program can be considered boon since it can save yourself a good deal of your cash that has been spent online.


Android ID changer 

As the title Suggests from utilizing Android ID changer, it is possible to create multiple Android IDs for use. It’s possible to create Android Id of your selection. So you’re able to fool may Programs because many of the Apps finds us by their own Android IDs. This Program has one another use that it may be utilized as a backup and restore Program so, you may use it in order to conserve the Android IDs you produce. For Rooted Android consumers that this Program is essential have.



This Program is only going to work if your mobiles a Rooted one. The Program is great for all the players out there. If you have got a fantastic rooted Android cellphone, then you’re able to enhance the standard of the matches that you’ve installed on your own Android.


The VFX and SFX that are the most significant part a sport will surely enhance appreciably. Xmod Games has provided mods, plugins in addition to increasing function for assorted warm games. The Program has a quality that experiences each and every component of the game. So the next time you win a round you’ve got to thanks, Xmod matches for that.


Disk Digger

Disk Digger Can develop into a lifetime savior for you since this Program can perform exactly what you can not ever imagine. It’s ability restore all of the pictures you’ve deleted from your own Android. Pictures are most important memories for everybody in this entire world. The Program is operating out an experiment attribute from which it is also possible to recover your deleted videos.



HiFont is Another Program that’s associated with looks of your Android smartphone. The Program has a set of countless different fonts available in various colours and shades. You’ll be avail to supply unique looks for your smartphone daily. The set is in enormous number, so you’ll never get tired of HiFont.

Again for This Program root is mandatory but if you’re using phones of Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung than you do not require any origin from your Smartphone.

Thus, were 14 Programs of my choice that may be considered finest Root Programs for Rooted Android. Every Program mentioned definitely warrants a try.


Final thoughts

The mentioned Programs are all different from one another, so the record has something for everybody irrespective of their options. Coming to the stage, the Programs are greatest in their own fields, which means you in the event that you discover any doppelganger do not worry any doppelganger will not endure for long before originals.


So, was my Viewpoints on Best Root Programs. Please write your testimonials in the remark section.

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