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Top 17 Military Apps


Top Military Apps

From simple navigation utilities to instructional and data sharing Tools, mobile technology is improving the life for those from the battle and their families by offering helpful information and contacts in the touch of a screen. Army-technology lists ten of the very best military programs based on utility and features.


Tactical NAV

Tactical NAV Is a military-grade GPS navigation tool created for military, first responders, search-and-rescue (SAR) and law enforcement employees. It employs the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) to allow the consumers to map and plot waypoints and military images with high-accuracy. The app also allows for bonded transfer of location and waypoint data through email, text and Facebook.

The program was Currently sold by AppDaddy Technologies, the app is available at App Store and Google Play.



MilGPS is a Premium navigation application created for soldiers, search-and-rescue personnel and other professional navigators worldwide. The military-grade attributes of the premium land navigator contain real-time display of present location even without a mobile signal. The app also empowers the user to create and navigate unlimited waypoints.

Developed by Karl Urdevics, an Australian software developer, the program is sold through his firm Cascode Labs. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone and necessitates iOS 8.0 or later models.



iSurvive is A military-grade survival guide that offers important information on regions such as evasion, navigation, communication and signalling, recovery, medical aid, private protection, water and food procurement and induced conditions. The application lists educational material within an army survival manual style.

iSurvive has Been developed by DMBC and is promoted by Roger Lichfield. It’s encouraged by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 2.2 or later versions.


Army First Aid

Army First Aid application provides a guide of crucial medical information for troops to be utilised in instances where medical aid may not be easily available. It is beneficial in the battlefield where knowledge of life-sustaining processes is needed for survival. It includes useful information on first aid basics, rescue breathing methods, stopping bleeding, checking for shock, dressings and bandages, bites and heat and cold injuries.

Information On the application can be shared via email or AirPrint.


Army Ranger Handbook

Army Ranger Handbook is made for rangers offering information on newest techniques and tactics employed by US Army Rangers.

Double Dog Studios is the developer of the program, which was created as guide to be performed by Rangers in field. The app is available for download on iTunes App Store.


Army OneSource Services Locator

Army OneSource Services Locator is a search program to identify neighborhood Army programmes, resources or services. The consumer is requested to enter zip code, city or state information and a listing of choices is then displayed alongside a map view. Found services are grouped by categories like mobilisation/deployment service, and employment help.

Developed by It is available for download on iTunes App Store.


SHARP WeCare app

Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) WeCare app is a practical tool for US Department of Defense personnel, soldiers and dependents of soldiers since it offers hotline numbers, links and manuals to aid during times of trouble, suicidal conditions or instances of sexual attack. It Offers hotline amounts of 24/7 National Suicide Prevention and US Department of Defense Safe Helpline. The app comes with a tab that gives the numbers of Fort Benning Chaplain and Martin Army Community Hospital.


Military Flashlight

Army Flashlight is an important application for vets, personnel and military lovers. It offers a flashlight with different blinking frequencies of strobe light that include Morse code SOS signal as well as a typical compass dial with a calibration screen for increased precision. The flashlight may be personalised in various colors of the US States Armed Forces.

The Program was created by Hooah Studio and can be found on Google Play.


Military Acronyms

Army Acronym is a beneficial instrument for officers, non-commissioned officers, enlisted personnel, contractors as distinct acronyms are employed in the armed forces which are not always simple to understand. It displays the results of acronyms after conducting a thorough search through multiple online databases for at least 150,000 military related acronyms. The searched acronyms are saved as bookmarks for future use.

The app has been developed by Skytrait and can be available for sale in Google Play shop.


DVIDS Military 24/7

DVIDS Military 24/7 is an app developed for defence personnel, and updates information straight from deployed service members. It provides current news in the various branches of the armed forces like US Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Reserves. Access is also provided for photo galleries and on-demand content. Stories and pictures can also be shared through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Marketed by Encompass Digital Media, the program is copyrighted by Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System and is available for downloading on iTunes App Store.


Army Leader Book

Designed by The iPhone app is meant for use by Army junior officers and non-commissioned officers. Army leaders can track soldiers’ data including the following: APFT scores, vehicle licensing, weapon qualifications, medical profiles and counseling dates. In order to protect soldier information, the Army Leader Book program is available with a safety passcode feature.



POS REP, Short for Position file, is a proximity-based program designed to provide social media opportunities for veterans. The app connects veterans with those people who have functioned together and permits the user to detect peers and resources in their area. POS Rep joins veterans through using chat and radar. Different types of virtual “flares” can be used to indicate to other specialists exactly what you’re doing and where you are.



To help keep Fitness on course, PumpUp is a photo-based wellness and fitness social media. Channeled through an app, the app is designed for those interested in maintaining an active lifestyle both in and out of the military community. The PumpUp wellness and physical fitness platform unites picture sharing, community and fitness training and is intended to help users locate motivation in achieving fitness objectives.


USMC Organizational Wear Guide

The USMC Organizational Wear Guide functions as a digital guidebook on clothes and equipment. It’s intended to simplify instructions for the proper use of field uniforms and gear. The program supplements MCO P1020.34g (Marine Corps Uniform Regulations) and details the only things which are approved for wear with Marine Corps uniforms. Presently, the app can be obtained for Android phones however, the company plans to make it available for iPhone.


Base Directory by Military Traveler

Designed by Military Traveler, Base Directory is a source for military personnel and family members to locate all the most updated info on military bases. The app opens up into the user’s home base and then can be used to search bases across the world. Currently, the app includes Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and USO installations.



This Ballistics program relies on the GNU Exterior Ballistics Library and will generate military standard alternatives to small arms trajectories. It also visually displays MilDot Hold-over/Hold-under data and windage.



The Navy Navy fitness and health professionals with an extensive training resource, NOFFS combines human performance and injury prevention strategies to be able to provide safer training while also helping users to get the very best performance Outcomes possible. Exercises used in the app replicate the actions Sailors run in their operational responsibilities including lifting, pulling.

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