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Top 7 Popular SMS Lock Apps for Android


Sending a message to your buddy or beloved has come to be a frequent standard. Perhaps you’re among the persons who favor conversing through SMS rather than calling. Stop for a moment, and consider just what a devil will occur if a person has stolen your cellphone. Do not be concerned, SMS lock apps are all there to assist you. You may readily hand over your telephone to anybody by bending SMS box. So nobody gets the capability to read your own on your absence. SMS locker apps let you take the entire list of your SMS background rather than deleting them as a result of anxiety of other people.

Let us take a peek at the top 7 greatest articles locker apps to get android.

Message locker- SMS lock

This is among the greatest SMS lock app to get android. It’s possible to add PINPattern for a SMS and email apps to get securing them. Additionally, it supports Gmail, Facebook messenger and Hangouts. It’s possible to instantly unlock the SMS locker for studying new messages.

message locker

Vault hide SMS, pics and videos

This is by far the most popular SMS locker app to get android. It provides powerful protection for a SMS, pictures and videos. It is possible to produce bogus vault for others mislead. When you trigger the stealth manner, the vault icon may disappear from your home display.


SMS lock and

That android SMS locker app is extremely simple to use. By selecting the key code, then you are able to conceal your SMS from your own eyes. It provides one to centre to personalize auto lock period. SMS locker will require the of the man who wishes to access your personal data.

sms lock plus

Hide text SMS and calls

you are able to conceal your messages, phone history and photographs. This information lock  also lets you guard your all confidential information underneath a well-built password. The conceal amounts won’t show up in your telephone contacts however onto the app contacts.

hide sms and calls

Private message box: hide SMS

This informative article lock app assists you to store your particular numbers from the contact. It’s possible to readily send or read your own new messages from this contact. Another person is not able to suppose that you get a personal message box as it doesn’t have any icons. You may put a timer to shut the lock app. In case you’ve deleted any messages it’s possible to access them back. It supports English, French and a number of other languages. Safe SMs
Chat app lock

Chat app lock has an extremely attractive UlEU layout. It provides you the facility to lock distinct discussion apps such as Facebook messenger, SMS and WhatsApp. A random password will appear after your all confidential information. You may easily conceal the  icon.

chat app lock
should you want privacy then pick the ideal SMS lock app to your android apparatus) Give us your opinions in the comment section below.

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