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What should you do before selling an iPhone?


What should you do before selling an iPhone?

Download What should you do before selling an iPhone?
Download What should you do before selling an iPhone?

What should you do before selling an iPhone? You are reading this article because you probably going to sell your old iPhone, you should have concern about your privacy. Selling a personal phone is just like a selling your personal diary, it has all the same content which could be present in your personal diary. It may contain your private messages, your private family photos, and your personal content as well. You should know that all your private data could be restore if it is not wipe out completely, Before you sell out your old iPhone you must read these key points.

Create a Backup of your Device

First of all make a Backup of your whole data. Connect your iPhone with your PC/Mac with USB cable and launch iTunes, after connecting your device sync you iPhone with iTunes and make a backup of your Device. Although iTunes back is safe but iCloud backup will also be helpful, for this purpose follow the steps below

  • Go to setting app in your iPhone.
  • Now tab on the iCloud
  • Now tap on storage & backup
  • Enable the iCloud backup
  • Now tab on backup

Now import all your photos via USB in your PC/Mac and remove all photos from your device permanently.

Turnoff some private features

You need to turn off your iMessages for this purpose you have to go Setting app > Messages > iMessages and turn it off.

Sign out from your iCloud account, go to Setting app > iCloud > Sign out.

Also sign out from iTunes & App store, go to Setting > iTunes & App store > Apple ID > and Sign out.

Also don’t forget to remove your device from your account, for this purpose calls your carrier and ask them to remove your iPhone from your account.

If you have a have paired an Apple watch to your iPhone then unpair it.

Unregister your device by going in

Restore to Factory Setting

Now erase all your data from your device, go to Setting app > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.


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