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What’s Google’s Birthday? Way Complicated


What’s Google’s Birthday? Way Complicated

Every day, Google treats the internet with another Doodle, & most of the moment, the cute illustrations celebrate the birthday of a different star or major historical figure.  The Doodles remind us of this heritage and provide a friendly entry point into their own lives and impact.

But How about Google’s birthday?

Since the leading search engine on the internet, Google has all of us at some time or a different answer life simple questions, and it’s proven to be a valuable tool for navigating the world wide web.

The search engine giant turned 18 final yr, but through the years, even Google has been confused on when its birthday actually is.

When its Birthday

Google’s birthday is Sept. 27, according to the firm’s homepage, but it isn’t exactly apparent.

The Business was founded on Sept. 4, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Menlo Park, California.  The concept formed in a garage for a scientific study at Stanford University for an internet search engine that ranked pages from exactly how many internet sites associated with this specific page.

You’d think that’s when the business would celebrate its birthday, right?  Nope.


Since 2006, however, the provider has celebrated its birthday Sept. 27.  Continuing a tradition that started using its birthday, Google creates a brand new Doodle annually.

Google has actually been creating doodles since 2000 when Page and Brin asked current creator Dennis Hwang, that was just an intern during the moment, to generate something special to mark Bastille Day.   Google has since created over 2000 doodles.

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